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The dis-embodied woman...

What is #embodiment? Where were we ever taught what is really means to feel whole, and at home, within our physical and energetic form in this life? Why is there so much education about math, history, and working in the "system" and so so so little information on the "system" that is our BODY, our mind, our spirit, how this amazing machine works, what it really needs, and why we lose our connection?

I can get a little heated at times, this I know. But when I decided to take my massage therapy practice a step further and study integrative health coaching, it all became so clear! As someone who has been "listening" to the human body physically for 10 years, it became very apparent to me that people's bodies were communicating with me and being more honest than the person was. The body is genius guys. Truly. Feeling the subtleties of the muscoskeletal system respond and change as the nervous system resets itself, and witnessing the emotional body relax as a safe container of therapeutic touch allows, became a very beautiful and boisterous teacher. As skilled as I have become with intuitive bodywork, it became very apparent that hands on therapy is only a small part of the larger conversation that I wanted to have with clients to really make lasting changes in not only their physical body, but their physiological, emotional, and spiritual bodies as well.

Enter: embodiment coaching. What is it? It is my take on my certificate of integrative nutrition coaching and years of intuitive and somatic bodywork practice. To use hands on work, talk therapy, nutritional counseling, and a myriad of other tools to look at the #WHOLENESS of a person. What are the patterns, emotions, fears, stuck energies, and belief systems that are creating physical tension and pain? Where are the traumas being stored in the body? What route of support and therapy will help someone release that which no longer serves them? By using bio-indiviual therapy, attention, and care, I have found a unique way to work with the whole body, excluding nothing...





Working with nutrition as a doorway to the body.

Using hands on therapy as a healing salve to the nervous system.

Using integrative coaching as a cleanse to the mind.

Using movement and meditation and a guide to the soul.

When we are truly embodied, we are aware of ALL that creates our being.. our wholeness. We constantly consume so much external information, and have forgotten to turn inward, learn the many ancient languages of our bodies, and honor what it is asking for. To look at oneself with compassion and deep inquiry is no easy task, yet once I started to understand how deeply my physical pain, anxiety, addictions, and self sabotage was linked to childhood traumas, limiting belief patterns, deep disconnect from my incredibly smart and beautiful physical form, I realized how BIG this work really is....

To come home, to feel safe, and experience FREEDOM within your body, your hear, and your mind.

That is the goal.

Awareness is the road.

I have personally spent far too many years of my precious life wasting away and feeling lost in the sea of questioning myself. The time is now to take back my true power, vitality, and move this wisdom through me and out into the world. With grace, with gratitude, and with generosity.

This whole "blog" program will vamp up soon as I dive deeper into my offerings.

But for now, I hope this resonates as an attempt to share my WHY, and display the importance of being an embodied human.

May you walk in the light.

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