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Therapeutic Bodywork

 Let me share with you my approach to bodywork, a style that is patient, precise, and deeply rooted in 13 years of experience. As a classical Deep Tissue Therapist, I bring a highly intuitive touch that connects with the physical plane of your experience, helping you release holding patterns that create pain and leading you to a state of peace.

But my approach goes beyond just physical touch. I value the wisdom of your own body and take the time to allow your body to soften in the ways that are most supportive to your whole structure. During these 90-minute sessions, we will begin with an integral intake and move into 90 minutes of hands-on healing. And, depending on your unique needs, we may also incorporate sound healing, meditation, and cranio-sacral techniques.

If you are seeking embodied wellness and physical well-being, I invite you to experience the power of this deeply transformative approach to bodywork. Let us work together to help your body find its way back to a state of balance and harmony.

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