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Healing  never happens alone

These are the courses, containers, retreats, and other community based healing models to bring us back into right relationship with each other as the most fundamental part of any healing journey.

coyote standing on a rock formation howling with desert, mountains and blue sky in the bac

The Coyote Council

This is a 4 month online container that meets every week, and oscillates between group council one week, and breathwork ceremonies the next. This is a perfect and potent combination to see yourself outside of your own bias and judgements, and integrate that all in and through the body to create real-life felt shifts.

This is a brave space rooted in remembering kinship as medicine, where you will equally be held and hold others, in devotion to cultivating courageous belonging through the art of connection based transformation work.

Here, we return to the ancestral models of healing in circle, healing through relationship, and healing through consistency and accountability.

Coyote Council is sweet as honey for those who are tired of feeling alone on the path.

Truth Training

This is a school for the art of Individuation, and a foundational skill set that will change your life that we were never given permission to learn.

This is a deep-dive training, fully steeped in robust wisdom that will gift you the permission and perspectives required to actually empower your authentic voice, embody your whole truth, and above all, stop living your life from fear.

Your voice is how you share your unique selfhood with the world, and it's time to began to accept the gift of you that you have been given, and learn how to effectively use this incredible tool of truth. 

When more of us are fully rooted in our power, we will no longer need to fight or take it from others. So then, this pathway of integrated empowerment is a pathway of peace, and that is where we find our courage to dive deep and get honest.


Temple Of Belonging
Women's Gathering

A yearly gathering in the PNW for women identifying folks to come and gather around the heart of feminine wisdom, wildness,  wellness and worship.

This is a space to learn from women of all walks of life, share skills and stories, rest and relax, sing and dance, and resource our ritual ways of remembering that women are truly the Hearth of community and culture. This is a place to honor the diversity of the woman, and weave her back together in deep nourishment where she is well fed by her connection to self, source, and sister.

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