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Healing  never happens alone

These are the courses, containers, retreats, and other community based healing models to bring us back into right relationship with each other as the most fundamental part of any healing journey.

coyote standing on a rock formation howling with desert, mountains and blue sky in the bac

The Coyote Council

A committed group counciling & ceremonial breathwave mentorship that integrates Wild harvested wisdom and integral psycho-somatic coaching for the woman who is ready to step into her mature self awareness and embodied personal healing.

This is a sacred space rooted in intimate kinship where you will be held by, and hold, others in devotion to cultivating courageous transformation and belonging.

Return to the ancestral ways of healing in circle, in relationship, and of letting this be it's own profound portal for healing and accountability. 

Truth Training

Not your average Vocal Empowerment Course.

This is a high-vibe deep-dive training that teaches you life changing skills and give you perspective shifting insights to empower your authentic voice, embody your whole truth, and above all, root down into why it really fuck*ing matters for personal and planetary healing now more than ever.

Your voice is your seat of choice, and your ability to choose and make change in your life according to your authentic truth is your seat of power.


Temple Of Belonging
Women's Gathering

A yearly gathering in the Columbia River Gorge for women identifying folks to come and gather around the hearts of feminine wisdom, wildness, and worship.

This is a space to learn from women of all walks of life, share skills and stories, rest and relax, sing and dance, and resource our ritual ways of remembering all the women are holding for our times. This is a place to honor the wisdom of the woman and weave her back together in deep sisterhood and sacred relationship with all of life.

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