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to the hearth, please
make yourself at home.

Come, sit by the fire, and let's hear what that heart really has to say about it all...




Offering Integral Breathwork, Coaching, and Council

for individuals, groups, and businesses


Hello, I am Jenny: 

Truth Doula

Coyote Medicine Woman

Down to Earth Soul Sister

What's a truth coach anyways? The person you call on when you know you've got work to do and patterns to heal but don't want to do it, or don't know where to start.


You see, your truth is trying to guide you, if you let it...

I am here to track your truth underneath your words, to give you the permission you've been aching for, and to teach you skills you have been needing to finally get out of your own way, and step into your power and purpose.


Life needs movement, I am here to create space for that.

With loving presence, we will re-wire (re-wild) old perspectives and stories that have been keeping you stuck in versions of yourself that are clearly no longer working. Together, we will invoke and welcome your integrated maturity so that you can live a more beautiful life for yourself and all your relations.


I truly believe we are living in the times where it's crucial to alchemize our inherited conditioning, and initiate ourselves into the full capacity of our humanity, for personal and planetary healing. 

It starts with gathering the skills needed to navigate the terrain, writing new personal myths, crafting better agreements, and facing fear head on. 

I have witnessed miracles happen from people finally learning how to come home to themselves. This is powerful return and activation is available to all who are willing to show up and unlearn.

Come and learn what life can feel like when you're fully supported, in your center, and deeply connected to the wild beauty of life that created you.

Desert Hill

Specialties of depth:

Having a Real Human Body:

Eating Disorders, Body Dysmorphia, and lack of embodiment that can lead to distorted and disconnected physical, emotional, social and spiritual consequences. 

Voice and Truth Empowerment:

Accepting your truth so that you can live by it, owning the power of your voice and influence, singing and speaking from the center of yourself to heal the patterns of self silence.

Relational Alchemy & Repair:

Healing codependency, honoring the evolutionary nature of partnership, learning new ways to foster brave and authentic connection.

Grounded Spirituality:

Explore your own meaning and real-life connection to God, Source, Mystery, and that which calls to your deepest belonging.

Who my work is for:

- the wisdom seekers, the late night wanderers, the self-paced mystics, the rebels with a cause

- the ones who know there is a way of living that is better and bolder and more beautiful

- those who prefer catalyst-powered coaching over trauma-informed processing

-those who are willing to surrender their attachment to pain in order to build new relationships to beauty

-the woman who is tired of silencing and stifling her power, her voice and her radiant wholeness

- those who seek growth and maturity not because they think they should, but because they know their life depends on it.

- those who wanna meet me in the staying power and not shy away from what's ready to move

1:1 Offerings

3 or 6 Month Coaching

This is the ultimate gift to your real-life transformation and evolutionary initiation. Here you will be held on the path of devotion and discipline as you learn and embody life-changing tools to help you overcome all that stands between you and your joyful liberation.


Full Package =

1 hour coaching session per week

M-F WhatsApp Wisdom Support

1 monthly Breathwave Ceremony

Access to all resources and guides

Half off all ceremonies, courses, and classes held during our mentorship


* I am committed to working with you, and we'll customize a coaching package that perfectly fits you in this now-moment of your life depending on your resources and level of devotion. All packages are commitment based within 3 and 6 month containers - fun right? ;)

For those who are not yet ready or able to activate this kind of integration and transformation,

you can still work intimately with me here:

Breathwave Ceremony

This is the practice of entering consciousness shifting states while fostering a sense of sustained safety. These ceremonies are gentle yet powerful practices to awaken truth and love as felt experience, and is an invaluable skill for emotional/energetic hygiene.


2 hour guided journey, either in person or virtually, that includes therapeutic intake, an hour breath journey, and is followed with an integration period.

Therapeutic Massage

I offer 13 years of hands on experience to create a relaxed and safe space for your body and mind to receive the nurture and attuned care it deserves.

Want to work in community with others?

If you wish to join one of my group coaching containers, or my online Truth Training Course,  please head here to see what magic awaits you there:

About your guide:

She's wild, has been through a lot, is sharp as hell, more light-hearted than most, and is relentless in her mission to restore your innate ability to live a life where you feel safe being who you are. 

Jenny walks her talk in and out, holding brave and loving space for herself, her community, and for her clients to continually foster deeper and deeper levels of personal and realational and belonging.

Women's Coach, Relationship coach, Eating Disorder Recovery, Truth Coach, Voice Coach
Desert Mountains

Themes we will tend in all modalities:


Loving Self Awareness


Entrustment > Entitlement


Self Trust Cultivation


Surrender as the Path


Getting Better at Feeling


Relationships as the ultimate Teacher


The power of joy and play

Qualifications/ Experience/ Trainings

This is where the humility, the fecund, soil-based nature of our humanity, really shines. 

I hold a lot of nuance with what "qualifies" someone to hold loving space, so I'll share here:

Trainings and Certifications:

Licensed Massage Therapist - East to West College of Healing Arts 2011

Registered Yoga Teacher - Primal Vinyasa with Annie Adamson 2020

Certified Health and Nutrition Coach - INN Integrative Nutrition School 2018

Trained Breathwave Facilitator - Breathwave with Robin Clements 2020

Decolonized Non-Voilent Communication - with Meenadchi 2021

Earth-Based Astrology Apprenticeship - Adam Sommer 2016

Meaningful Initiations:

Completed 4 years of Vision Quest in the Navajo and Lakota lineage

Recovered and fully healed from 10 years of Bulimia 

Have recorded and performed music professionally for 15 years

My mother has taken Truth Training ;)


Luis Mojica

Carolyn Elliot

Bill Plotkin

Stephen Jenkinson

adrienne marie brown

Bayo Akomolafe

Charles Eisenstein 

Many indigenous teacher who wish to remain unnamed

My ancestors and guides, seen and unseen

The spirits of place, water, and wind

The benevolent force of Life itself

Jenny Lee, Breathwork, Women's coach, Life coach

Let's remember the beauty of being alive and well.

You deserve to know what's possible when you are held...

with deep love and curiosty-


May you be warm, well, and within.

Currently accepting 1:1 coaching
and breathwave clients.

Truth Training doors open Dec. 1st

Want to bring me into your relationship as a mediator​?

Want to bring Truth Training into your business?

Want to know more about my work and path?

Please feel free to shoot me an email with any and all questions:

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