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Who I Am

There is a place where words fall short, and I feel the most seen there....

I have been called a catalytic volitionary.
Aka - a playful potent spark to ignite your empowerment and joy.

I know firsthand the depth of pain and suffering that can arise in this world - being "left" by both my mothers at age 10, leaning into drug addiction in high school, developing a 10 year dark dance with severe bulimia at age 20, and all the human coping patterns that arise when we live in a culture that's disembodied and inanimate. I was always seeking connection, and didn't know where to find it.

But then that aching longing for connection to life itself finally, through honesty, maturity, and self acceptance, did lead me down a medicine path of communion with plants, becoming a life long student of embodiment, thwarted me into many studies of psychology and spirituality, and through the path of love, lead to to breathwork and earth based psychologies. 

All the while, I'm singing my songs and strumming that guitar, doing the only thing I knew how to do... share my heart with the world.

So, why do I pursue this work? Perhaps in part, it arises from a deep boredom with the banality of a surface-level existence filled with small talk of weather and politics. But ultimately, it is my own dis-ease that drove me to seek answers, to ask the questions that would forever alter my life's course. After eight years of severe bulimia, I came to learn lessons of strength, growth, and facing my own inner demons that I could never have imagined.

Through self-discovery, vulnerability, and communication, I came to understand that my story was not unique. Countless others have navigated lives riddled with trauma, addiction, and dis-ease. And so, I have chosen to share my story, to remind others that change is indeed possible.

As I traverse this winding path towards wholeness, I carry with me a sense of joy wherever I go, and I am equally comfortable in the darkest depths of the psyche. I cherish the virtues of truth, creativity, and a love that imbues all things. I am a seeker of truth, an edge-walker, a being of two worlds, here to serve, share, and support, with a gentle open hand and a welcoming smile.

May we journey together towards a place of healing and unity.


My Journey into Wholeness:

It is no easy task to trace the beginnings of my journey towards wholeness, but perhaps such a quest is ultimately irrelevant in the face of the present moment where we now meet.


As I contemplate the path that brought me here, what stands out most prominently is the singular force that propelled me forward: love.

My work is a natural extension of my life, born of a deep yearning for psycho-somatic-spiritual healing that could not be fulfilled by any other means. I grew up with no spiritual influence (which was a gift in many ways) but from a young age, I longed for a deeper animate communion with life that was no where to be found.


 I became my own support system, my own mystical story teller and , transforming my pain into a potent elixir of medicine. We all undertake such alchemy in our own ways, transmuting our struggles into a path of healing.


My own path was one of suffering and adversity - a life of self-raising that birthed habits of self-sabotage in the form of eating disorders and alcoholism. You know, the kind of things that incredibly under-advised teenagers run straight into in the lowly search for belonging.


Yet it was the rugged terrain of that hard road that ultimately led me to a path of love. To the path of learning that no matter what happened, life was just a web of relationships. And in truth, all paths that lead us to our centers are but one, winding and circuitous, yet inevitably leading us back to the heart of ourselves.

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