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Truth Training:
an 8 Week Online Journey into the heart of you

Empower your voice, Embody your truth, Express your Authenticity.

Truth Training is a psycho-somatic journey back into the heart of your own intuitive wisdom.

You will learn how to uncover your truth and practice living in full alignment with it as an act of relational repair to yourself, and your body.

What makes TRUTH TRAINING  so potent?

The next brave and beautiful cohort of TRUTH TRAINING begins in May.
Applications open for those who know they are ready now...

Are you ready to dive deeper into your own experience of inner wisdom and power, instead of continually looking outside of yourself for answers?

Truth Training will teach you how to descend into YOUR OWN EMBODIED TRUTH as the most potent pathway to self trust, love, and integral empowerment.

The question "WHO AM I?" is not something outside of yourself, rather it's always been deep within the present moment. But, perhaps you have now allowed yourself to know your own truth because of judgement, shame, or confusion on the emergent experience of truth itself.

The thing is - you are already you.
This is an invitation to go deeper into your honest experience and let that be a guide to empower your most authentic state of living, loving, and relating.



You struggle to speak your truth

You feel disconnected from your embodied intuition

You have patterns of self abandonment and people pleasing

You are finally ready to reclaim your sense of power

You feel tension in your throat and breath

You don’t feel comfortable in conflict or deep intimacy

You are afraid of what others think about you

You’re ready to heal old patterns of trauma and story

You want to reclaim your sovereignty

You have a lot of self doubt and limiting beliefs

You seek support that understands your process

You want to learn how to relate to others more authentically

You are ready to change old limiting beliefs

You want to know your truth without fearing it


"Vocal Empowerment is a playground to explore the power of one's true expression, in connection and in relationship to self, other and with all of Life. Inside are practices and tools to support you in feeling confident, empowered and centered in your own Truth as you explore the edges of self and that truth with the world... and there is an added beauty that you don't have to do it alone because there is a community of others exploring the same.. getting practice in expressing the authenticity of what is truly Alive, together. Jenny is an incredible facilitator because not only does she have so much wisdom and knowledge to share, but she EMBODIES the teachings and practices in real time as she does her thing. It's so inspiring and beautiful. Truly the medicine she leads with is as much in the unspoken as much as it is in the spoken... because it's so beautifully expressed also in her body and actions, not just in her words. I'm so grateful for this course and leave feeling inspired and ignited. I feel like I have truly upleveled in my own vocal Empowerment and feel blessed to also have witnessed so many others do the same. Highly recommend to everyone at any age, as it truly is a playground to practice and also receive new insights on how to truly integrate these new levels of Empowerment into the day to day." - Mary L.

I recently experienced the teachings of Jenny Lee through her Vocal Empowerment course and in a word, it was AMAZING! I feel I understand myself so much better and can now see blind spots, self-limiting beliefs, behaviors and patterns that I didn't even know I had, and how they had impacted my relationships and success and happiness in life. I now feel I have new tools and insights into how to create the life I have always dreamed of and I will forever be grateful to Jenny for being a loving fearless leader shining a light on this path of self-empowerment and self-actualization. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to enjoy a better relationship with yourself and others, and create a harmonious, happy and fulfilled life. "

"This course is a potent dive into self-connection, empowerment, and expression, which has enhanced the way I show up to every relationship and space in my life with new levels of presence, congruence, and power. I’ve been learning similar principles and practices over time, and this course was like a catapult slinging me farther and faster into more free creation and expression in my art and relationships. And it was so beautifully nourishing to witness the self-connection and vulnerable expression of others in the group. Everyone’s contribution was inspiring and helped me to integrate and expand what was real for me. So so good." Sarah S.


Learn more about your guide and her WHY

How to cultivate safety in authentic attachment
How to regulate and relate to your nervous system when sharing hard truth, or in conflict with others
How to stop giving your power away and self abandoning by people pleasing 
How to track where the truth lives in your body
How to stay in your own center of self honor in relationships
How to feel your feelings and no longer fear them
How language and beliefs create your reality - and how to use them to create the life you desire
How to let go of the unworthiness wound, and step bravely into your full power
How to repair the relationship with your body and your intuition
How to cultivate self honesty with yourself, and use this connection as a powerful tool for self healing
How to heal ancestral and cultural trauma of being silenced and unsafe in your expression
How to reclaim your voice as a valuable gift to the world 

How to understand your psyche and start using your mind as an ally
How to trust your own truth, and learn how to follow it's guidance
How to be in your power without guilt and shame
How to communicate clearly with others with full self awareness and self responsibility

How to activate coherence in your field and use this as a tool for healing
How to surrender to Divine Will and let go of the addiction to controlling your life
How to come home to your most authentic and soul nourishing expression
How to fully accept and celebrate the truth of who you really are
How to remember that your truth has always been with you
How to remove shadow patterns of self judgement and doubt from you choice making and self trusting

How to unwind the conditioning of the mind that limits your fullest potential 



Course Overview:


Week 1: Moving from fear to freedom 

Identify and release what limits your authentic expression and empowered living


Week 2: Relating to trauma 

Addressing the “fawning” trauma response and learn tools to regain self honor 


Week 3: The language of reality 

Understand the subjective definitions of the words and beliefs that create your reality 


Week 4: Embodying truth

Descend into the inner gnosis and wisdom of your body’s honest experience and truth


Week 5: The sound of healing

Explore using sound, voice, and truth-telling as the most potent self healing power


Week 6: Surrender to Divine Will

Understanding the throat chakra as the co-creative center of empowered choice and faith


Week 7: Understanding Relationality 

Learn tools to compassionately communicate from self awareness through shadow integration


Week 8: Coherent Presence  

Breathe into the lived experience of being in alignment with your deepest truth and highest good


Each week there is one 2 hour Teaching Transmission Class, and one 2 hour Presence Processing Call to differentiate between the times to learn and the times to process as a cohort.

PLUS: you get a private 1:1 coaching call with me!
*all sessions will be recorded and available to you for life
This course will be held on Zoom and Mighty Networks



This course if for all bodies, all ages, all walks of life, and all belief systems.

The wisdom shared and engaged here is universal, emergent, collective, and embodied. It weaves together years of training in bodywork, movement, breathwork, psychological studies, spiritual devotion, and embodied natural wisdom. There is profound teaching that meets inner knowing in just the right way, and that is the vital substrate of true transformation.

Only you can know if you are ready to break the old pattern and learn new perspectives of understanding your own liberation as a tool and gift to not only your own heart, but your whole life.

What others are saying...

Vocal Empowerment was beautifully structured and exquisitely healing. The need for a safe, intimate and brave container was undeniably met with the souls who entered this field and the one who created it. Jenny held the space in such a potent way that allowed for so much expansion and so much beauty to flow through not only from her but from the group as well. I feel so inspired by this course and so much energy is flowing through to allow the unfurling of myself in a much more compassionate, excited and wholesome way. I recommend this course to anyone seeking potent transmissions to be both student and weaver of.  - Maitreya W.

"I loved the emotion wheel and resources you shared. A main take away for me is the importance of building rapport with my body, just connecting to her and giving her space before diving in with my curious questions right away! Also your first guided meditation was super powerful and would love a recording of it to experience on my own time too! I could see it being a regular part of my practice. It slowed me down enough to go inward and truly connect with myself."

"That, of the many forms of therapy I’ve personally explored, this felt the most impactful in a wholistic way. Because it is integrative, and it’s real- it involves unveiling what is behind the curtain, and what has always been there. I know trauma doesn’t heal in a day, but this one experience showed me what I am capable of existing in."

"I truly believe the wisdom and experiences Jenny shares is for all bodies wanting to connect more deeply to their innate body wisdom. The pace and content of the workshop gave such space and grace for my body to feel safe and honored. Jenny shares her experiences with ease and whole heartedness which brought a deep sense of not feeling alone in the challenges I am facing with my body. The workshop was a true invitation to reconnect with the beautiful, intelligent, powerful vessel that is my body."

"Vocal empowerment turns on the healing powers of your own voice, and carries forth from the workshop into the world in a way that will unfurl and grow with you. It's a path and a journey towards release of your truth, towards freeing your soul from rusty chains and outlived lives. With courage, sensitivity, and innate wisdom, Jenny will help you find doors to your own healing and hold the space for you to step through and explore what lies beyond. In an age when our voices are often silenced or lost to the whir of consumerism, hypermedia and normopathy, Vocal Empowerment is a gift, a calling together, and invitation to move beyond the anxieties of self-censorship into a place where your truth is honored and you are welcome to be. Who knows what blossoms bloom further down this path... I'm excited to keep walking, and find out..."

I highly recommend this course that Jenny has created. Jenny holds a vulnerable container where you could be brave and feel supported. Throughout the course you dive deeper and deeper to get to know your personal truth. Each week we would get to know ourselves a bit deeper and then Jenny provided ways in which we can be in relation with these feelings that come up. Its really beautiful to dive in like this with others who have similar intentions to heal and to learn. I am grateful for everyone who participated and Jenny for holding a strong container to explore in and would highly recommended it for anyone looking to really know themselves.

This course invites you to take a closer look at how we have disempowered ourselves through not communicating in our most honest ways. This journey offers an abundance of knowledge to help understand where we become disconnected with our truth. Through these classes we built a community of people from all walks of life to reflect with about how these transformative concepts are showing up in everyday life. The variety of tools, practices, information, and conversations shared make this exploration one of a kind, potent, and absolutely worth it!

Jenny Lee is one of the most empowering, loving, and accepting women that I have ever met. She is truly revolutionary and helps you break down old conditioning and beliefs that do not serve in order for you to step more fully into who you truly are. I can't get enough of her! In this course she brings together community and the individual experience to create breakthroughs and plenty of aw-ha moments. I can't recommend working with Jenny enough.



3 month payment plan joyfully available


$444 BIPOC Rate

What you receive from this commitment:
-8 weeks of live teaching and presence processing (24 hours+) and lifetime access to recordings
-Opening and closing ceremony space to honor the threshold of this container and it's meaning
-One 1:1 coaching call with Jenny to support your unique needs and goals
-Weekly PDF's for ease of information and clarifying concepts/ practices 
-Weekly recorded meditations to support you outside of the container
-Mighty Networks online group for community connection and special offers just for the people who have gone through this life changing course 


When we are in our power, we no longer have to fear and fight others for it.

Being and living in your full, grounded, integrated, and humble power is the pathway to peace. 

POWER = The infinite wellspring of inner energetic potential to create change


The application of knowledge, aka, walking the talk.

Here, we learn truth and power so we can live truth and power.

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