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"Truth liberates, and it is only by liberating that it transforms."
- Jiddu Krishnamurti​

Are you ready to be more seen, heard and understood?

Are you ready to be truly confident and empowered in all aspects of your life?

Are you ready to let go of looking outside of yourself for the answers?

Truth Training is a holistic training that guides you, lovingly, back into your power, your truth, and your body so that you can live a purposeful life filled with meaningful relationships where your voice is celebrated and used as a tool to create the fulfilling life you long for, and deserve.

The truth is, we were never taught these fundamental skills that are infinitely applicable to all areas of life, and it's time we dive into the nature of who we truly are, so that our lives can not only be in service to our own becoming and belonging, but also so that we can awaken our true service and medicine in the world that so deeply needs more honesty, humility, empowerment, and bravery.

Your truth is in service to you, you are in service to life.

Truth Coaching, Voice Coach, Wisdom, Women's coach

Beginning FEB 1st!
On the holy day of Imbolc

Thursdays 5-7pm PST  + Sundays 8-10am PST

Cracked Rocks


the ones who hold vision
the ones who pray for peace
the ones who wield influence

the ones who have magic to share
the ones who are ready to rise up 

the ones who say "no more"
the ones who want to trust life
the ones who listen to their heart

the ones who can't afford to keep doing it the way it's always be done...

Jenny Lee, relationship coach, personal power, self love

So tell me... what is it that you really crave?

  • To feel more confident speaking up at work or at home, and know that your voice and message are valuable and needed?

  • To be able to recognize and listen to your gut instincts that leads to your body being a safe place that is honored, respected, and trusted?

  • To speak honestly and respectfully in conflicts, rather than constantly avoiding them or people-pleasing?

  • To feel more comfortable and relaxed in intimate situations, where you are able to express desires and needs without fear or shame?

  • To break free from your negative self-talk and limiting beliefs, so that you can live a life truly rooted in power and self love?

  • To feel more connected to your authentic self and purpose, leading to greater fulfillment and satisfaction in life?

  • To be able to release the need to control outcomes and instead, feel good surrendering to a sense of trust and faith in the universe or a higher power?

TRUTH TRAINING can bring all of this to life, and more.

Society would have us left in perpetual anxiety, self-silencing and disembodied truths which can only ever create confusion, constriction, and conflict. 

It's up to you to choose to return to the foundations of your inner and outer relating as the student of your own life, your own power, your own body, and that which begs to be liberated from the chains of your control. 

The world will never be safe enough to move forward, it's time for us to invoke the bravery required to live an honest life that is the greatest medicine.

In 8 weeks, we'll share a life changing journey:

Week 1: Moving from fear to freedom 

Learn how to face your fears with love, so you can move past them

Week 2: Relating to trauma 

Learn ways to move past the traumas that keep you in self-silencing and people pleasing

Week 3: The language of reality 

Learn why language and voice are the best tools to create the reality of your dreams

Week 4: Embodying truth

Learn about your body as the temple of truth and repair your relationship to it

Week 5: The art of the Ask

Learn about the science of Desire and how to ask for what you truly need

Week 6: Surrender to Divine Will

Learn the mystical side of the throat chakra and practice the art of surrender

Week 7: Understanding Relationality 

Learn how to share your voice in ways the deepen and nurture healthy relationships

Week 8: Coherent Presence  

Learn the art of breath as the final tool to live a life in coherence with your deepest truth

"Truth Training was beautifully structured and exquisitely healing. The need for a safe, intimate and brave container was undeniably met with the souls who entered this field and the one who created it. Jenny held the space in such a potent way that allowed for so much expansion and so much beauty to flow through not only from her but from the group as well. I feel so inspired by this course and so much energy is flowing through to allow the unfurling of myself in a much more compassionate, excited and wholesome way. I recommend this course to anyone seeking potent transmissions to be both student and weaver of. "

This course is designed for you if you want to:

Embrace a Life of Authenticity and Freedom:

Life is so much more fun when you're not preoccupied with concerns with what others may think about who and how you are. The freedom you seek lives in your ability to courageously claim your truth for yourself, and then within the world.

Reclaim Your Inner Power:

Break free from the patterns of self-abandonment and people-pleasing, it's not actually pleasing anyone anyways.  You'll no longer need to give your power away over and over once you learn how to speak and share your magic from a place of embodied acceptance and radical trust. This matters!

Celebrate Your Unique Voice and Truth:

Despite the popular cultural narrative, you are NOT here to be good, you are here to be full you! You are a once in a million year mysterious emanation, and have a unique medicine and message to b ring into this collaborative tapestry of life. Don't let old wounds keep you from shining bright.


Foster Honest and Supportive Relationships:

The depth of intimacy that you crave and equally fear is the invitation. When you learn how your relationships are mirrors of your own soul seeking wholeness, you get to engage in them with a whole new awareness and deeper level of compassion. It's time to be fully seen and loved.


Live Unapologetically, yet Compassionatley:

Your brave and authentic expression is the goal, but wielding that power and beauty with responsibility and care is the task. Learn how to awaken your most powerful state and use it create more beauty and belonging in yourself and in all that you are a part of. The world needs it.


Sounds good, doesn't it...

Here are are going on a deep journey that will awaken a way of being that you've always known was possible, but didn't know how to access.

This is a pathway to profound self-reclamation and responsibility, embodied relational healing, and fearless expression that will open the doors to your power in the most humble way.


My journey of truth:

I used to make people close their eyes when I sang to them.

I used to lie just to get attention.

I used to people please thinking it would grant me love.

I used to hide my true self to make others more comfortable.

But this left me perpetually empty, constantly lost within my own longing for my own truth, authenticity, and power.

So, I let it all go, learned how to study the complex nature of human relationships, kept using my voice to create healing change in my life, and learned the underlying reasons why we humans keep silencing ourselves and calling it kindness.

I would have never healed from my eating disorder unless I was able to be honest about it.

I would have never made 2 records unless I let go of the fear of what others think.

I never would have left an abusive relationship unless I used my voice to reclaim my power of choice.

I never would be here, sharing my lived medicine and wisdom with the world, unless I let my inner truth become the foundation of all my relations. 

There is better, bolder way to live, and I am here to show you how.


Let's pretend you are in fact the (s)hero of your life (and so is the moss and the rivers and the soil), but this is your journey at the moment, and you've got some self exploration to do in order to fully life a life that's honest, brave and filled with the infinite gifts of meaning.

Let's walk together...

Gate 1: The hero sets forth, and faces their fear


  • Unleash the tools that liberate you from the grip of fear, unveiling profound self-understanding.

  • Embark on a journey where you embrace the full spectrum of emotions, paving the path to liberation.

  • Break free from self-judgment and step into your power, recognizing you're not here to be perfect.

  • Shed the burdens of outdated fears that hinder your authentic expression, reclaiming your rightful place in the world.

Gate 2: Once on the path, there are many tests


  • Break free from the chains of people-pleasing, reclaiming your sovereignty and inner strength.

  • Delve deep into the "fawning" trauma response & acquire empowering skills to navigate its impact.

  • Embrace a new era of self-honor, releasing self-abandonment patterns and forge an unbreakable connection with your true self.

  • Expand your capacity for self-responsibility and self-advocacy, becoming the master of your own destiny.


Gate 3: But the hero starts to gain skills to stay safe


  • Unleash the extraordinary influence of words, unlocking the ability to shape your reality.

  • Step into your role as a creative force, using words to construct a more beautiful and fulfilling world.

  • Reframe the narratives that limit you, empowering yourself to rewrite your story at any moment.

  • Elevate your consciousness through the majestic interplay of words, sound, and mantra, harnessing their profound energy.


Gate 4: And learns how the body is the ultimate tool


  • Forge an unbreakable bond with your body, transforming it into a wellspring of trust and wisdom.

  • Allow your voice to be an authentic expression of your embodied truth and wholeness.

  • Embark on a journey of somatic experiencing, where your body becomes a guiding compass and friend.

  • Awaken your intuition and embrace a life of unwavering trust, stepping into your authentic power.


Gate 5: Then the hero dives into the heart of their Desire


  • Learn how to validate and legitimize your desires and allow them to become medicine.

  • Understand the difference between dominant and submissive energetic states to hone in your coherence.

  • Discover how to ask for what you really need in a way that will create impact and intimacy.

  • Develop the skills to confidently claim your desires and needs within all relationships so you can enjoy the fruits of having your needs met and desires fulfilled.

Gate 6: Then a master teacher shows the Ultimate Truth


  • Attune to the throat chakra as the sacred source of choice and unwavering willpower within you.

  • Transcend the limitations of fear and make choices rooted in trust.

  • Explore the edges of surrender, unlocking a higher power that guides you to a life of divine alignment. 

  • Forge a harmonious connection between your mental and emotional realms, allowing your voice to be the bridge that unites them.


Gate 7: But they must understand how this all fits into the world


  • Learn how to understand Self, Other, and Relationship through an integral lens.

  • Embrace the shadow aspects as integral pieces of your wholeness, and integrate them with love. 

  • Learn invaluable tools to navigate conflicts with grace and empathy, fostering authentic connections.

  • Reclaim your sovereignty, using your voice as a powerful instrument to reclaim your authentic self.


Gate 8: And they follow their breath all the way back home


  • Immerse yourself in the beauty of "present moment awareness," unlocking the gateway to profound peace.

  • Learn the art of breath-work, harnessing its simplicity to regulate your energy stay centered.

  • Integrate your voice, truth, and breath, to create an extraordinary life of fulfillment and alignment.

  • Embody the many skills and tools learned in this course to create a life of truth that is filled with beauty, meaning, and self-trust!

Here, we have a chance to dive into a HOLISTIC journey to leave no stone unturned, and give you all the tools you need to live a life in awareness, truth, and power.

This container is held in utter devotion to YOUR truth being awakened, trusted, and freed to influence and guide your life.
I am not here to speak to what that may be for you, but offer skills that will aid and soothe you in the process of coming home after a long journey of being away.

I am in service to your truth,
your truth is in service to you,
and you are in service to life.

You can expect to a fun and fierce container where bravery is the invitation, wholeness is the destination, and the path is laid with stones of loving permission.



Each week we gather for:


-1 two hour Teaching Transmission call (Thursdays 5-7pm PST )

This is where the offering is

-1 two hour Presence Process call (Sundays 8-10am PST)

this is where you go deeper into it all

-Weekly PDF's and journal prompts

this is where you can land

-What's app group for ongoing connection and resource sharing

this is where we share our humanity

*all sessions will be recorded and available to you for life because this genius continues to unfold as time goes on, trust me.

self love coach

Payment plans and options:

Pay in full - $620
Payment Plan - 3x $210

ALL BIPOC KIN use code 'TRUTH24' to get 25% off

Return Students use code 'RETURN'

If you can only watch the replay's and cannot attend live but wish to join in on this epic last round of Truth Training Wisdom, use code 'REPLAY' to get 1/2 off!

What you receive from this commitment:

-8 weeks of live teaching and processing with a community that values the same quality of live as you, that will hold you when it gets hard.

-Clever, wise, and proven methods that will leave you feeling clear, hopeful, and inspired to share your voice and your truth with the world.

-New tools to honor the BODY as the seat of truth and love, that will positively impact your health and vitality in all you do.

-A loving and playful place to explore your edges and maintain a sense of deep safety.

-Wisdom that is infinitely applicable to the human experience, and that will keep unfolding for weeks and years after the course.

-A deep shift if your understanding of the voice and truth that you can use to empower others in your life, so we can all rise together.

-Profound permission to be exactly who and what you are, and remember that YOU are already whole, wise, and powerful.


When we are in our power, we no longer have to fear and fight others for it.

So when we are living in our full, grounded, integrated, and humble power, we are creating the pathway to peace. 

POWER = The infinite wellspring of inner energetic potential to create change

We need our power back if we are to create change, in ourself and in the world.

 Here's what people are saying:

"Truth Training is a playground to explore the power of one's true expression, in connection and in relationship to self, other and with all of Life. Inside are practices and tools to support you in feeling confident, empowered and centered in your own Truth as you explore the edges of self and that truth with the world... and there is an added beauty that you don't have to do it alone because there is a community of others exploring the same.. getting practice in expressing the authenticity of what is truly Alive, together. Jenny is an incredible facilitator because not only does she have so much wisdom and knowledge to share, but she EMBODIES the teachings and practices in real time as she does her thing. It's so inspiring and beautiful. Truly the medicine she leads with is as much in the unspoken as much as it is in the spoken... because it's so beautifully expressed also in her body and actions, not just in her words. I'm so grateful for this course and leave feeling inspired and ignited. I feel like I have truly up-leveled in my own ability to live in my TURTH and feel blessed to also have witnessed so many others do the same. Highly recommend to everyone at any age, as it truly is a playground to practice and also receive new insights on how to truly integrate these new levels of Empowerment into the day to day."
- Mary L. 65 year old real estate agent from Seattle
"I recently experienced the teachings of Jenny Lee through her Vocal Empowerment course and in a word, it was AMAZING! I feel I understand myself so much better and can now see blind spots, self-limiting beliefs, behaviors and patterns that I didn't even know I had, and how they had impacted my relationships and success and happiness in life. I now feel I have new tools and insights into how to create the life I have always dreamed of and I will forever be grateful to Jenny for being a loving fearless leader shining a light on this path of self-empowerment and self-actualization. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to enjoy a better relationship with yourself and others, and create a harmonious, happy and fulfilled life. "
-Kelly T. - 40 year old t
ech wizard
"This course is a potent dive into self-connection, empowerment, and expression, which has enhanced the way I show up to every relationship and space in my life with new levels of presence, congruence, and power. I’ve been learning similar principles and practices over time, and this course was like a catapult slinging me farther and faster into more free creation and expression in my art and relationships. And it was so beautifully nourishing to witness the self-connection and vulnerable expression of others in the group. Everyone’s contribution was inspiring and helped me to integrate and expand what was real for me."
- Sarah S. 32 year old single mother

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