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The Wholeness Mission:

The Belief:

The body holds our truth, wisdom, and the power to heal and transform.

Simply put, the answers you seek are already within, but perhaps buried underneath layers of complexity and are just waiting to be uncovered and set free. 

Disorder and disfunction occur when you lose integrity within the relationship to your body, your magnificence, and your sacred inner knowings. Intuition can show you the challenges and truths that lead you into the spaces of wholeness and true embodiment. 

And this must be tended to with reverential compassion and playful inquiry.

The Method:

I hold deep reverence for the connection between our ​physical bodies, our emotional bodies, and our spiritual bodies that all long for loving and intimate connection with our HEARTS! The goal is to simply be in right relationship with what is underneath your actions, beliefs, tensions, and disharmonies.

The tools of bodywork, movement, nutrition, sound, and empowerment coaching are just  doorways into your inner workings, and once you become aware of what influences your choices, feelings, and beliefs, there is fertile ground to start making soul-level change.


Whether it's poor eating habits, chronic pain, spiritual disconnection, unresolved traumas and unprocessed grief, loss of personal power, emotional dysregulation, hatred toward your body, or feelings of never being able to heal, there is always a key nestled within your suffering that holds the answers to your questions, and I am here to guide you back into yourself through compassionate inquiry and catalyzing volition!

Together, we will work to release old patterns of belief, tension, fear, pain, shame, grief, judgment, anger, and self hatred to invite in higher frequencies of your being to awaken within you of joy, health, acceptance, peace, liberation, and love. 

 I am here to guide you, to witness you, to comfort you, and to remind you of your power as you dive into yourself, embody your wholeness, reclaim your sacred wisdom, and experience a deeper understanding within the context of your physical form.

May you belong to your body again,

and may your body be a garden of beauty.

The war is over.

Lay down your weapons of the mind

and come home to your ever present being.

You have always been whole.

-Jenny Lee

The Goal:

Reclaim your Wholeness

Experience your Power

Connect to the Sacred

Empower your Truth

Embody your Being

Nourish your Soul

Honor your Heart

Calm your Body

Free your Mind

Heal your Life

Be at Peace

Attune to the frequency of LOVE

Empowerment - Intuition - Embodiment

Befriending the body

Honoring the heart

Freeing the mind

Nourishing the spirit

Expressing the truth

Moving from a place of disconnect and disorder to a place of belonging and beauty.

Specializing in eating disorder recovery as a devotion to my personal dharma and recovery. Read my story here.

Jenny Lee

LMT, RYT, Certified Nutrition Coach

A humble guide by your side along the wondrous winding river of healing.

I serve my community by offering:

These practices are rooted in lived wisdom and psycho-somatic knowledge to establish an intimate, honest, and integral relationship with your body to be liberated from shame, guilt, and fear.

"What prayer are you answering with your aliveness?"



The subjective experience of the body

"We reveal ourselves through our bodies. When we leave embodiment, we leave empathy." 

Mark Walsh











Integral Wellness






Jenny is an incredible healer! She truly listens to your body and creates a space where you can feel safe, open and vulnerable. I love her services because not only does she use holistic approaches, she gives you practical information to leading a healthier life, specific to your needs as well. I truly recommend Jenny if you are looking to deepen your understanding of your health needs and to overall leave feeling peaceful!

April Jay

Using her deep understanding of the human experience, Jenny makes me feel safe, comfortable, and understood. She has helped me address deep rooted causes to many of my unhealthy habits, honors my truth, and has guided me to a much healthier and happier place in just a few sessions. She is a joy to work with and has invaluable information to share in a loving and wise way.

Bryan Christian

“After three surgeries (one infected root canal, one benign tumor and a thyroid cancer) all from the mouth and throat the past five years, I had no idea the trauma locked in there. Yes, throat chakra wants to be opened no doubt. 🤪 and ive been doing years of systemic recovery. But the healing is never just immediate. It’s a process. To process. Perhaps it was going under anesthesia and them prying my jaw open for hours. Or the nerve damage. The scar tissue. The uneven bite. Maybe a little bit of everything? Jenny is helping me bit by bit release that fear. The trauma the body may still subconsciously hold. We journey together. She lets me feel safe to feel it all. I feel the release. My chest and voice and heart open. This is more than just massage. It’s layer upon layer over time. Thank you Jenny. See you next week. "

Venitia Pristavec

I have received healing bodywork from Jenny on numerous occasions... what I appreciate most about her is the authenticity and shameless space she offers her clients & people. Whatever your story, your wounds, your triggers - you can share them on Jenny’s table because she gets it! No shame, blame or guilt... just witness, listening, therapeutic response and a positive action plan. So good to be understood! ✨

Adrienne Lee

"Jenny's massage work is second to none. Guided by not just her therapy education, but also her seemingly "body whisperer" like intuition, she delivers a healing massage experience every time."

Chris Stevenson