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Bridging the gap between your
Deepest Truth and your Highest Expression


Jenny Lee

LMT, RYT, BreathWave Facilitator, Musician

Coyote Woman, Free-Range Counselor, Real Life Human

Specializing in:


as a tool for self liberation and empowered 

 expression through Truth and self awareness


as a practice of experiential oneness with your Higher Self to increase your capacity for Love to permeate


as a healing experience to deepen into the ritual of living within a complex human body


as a way to return to your center, and build capacity for truth, responsibility, and wellness.


Online Courses 

Group Coaching Containers

1:1 Mentorship and Council

Retreats and Workshops

Private and Community Breathwave Circles

Event Production and Consulting

Public Speaking and Teaching

Love and Honest Support

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"Before I laid down on the sherpa blanket to begin my breathwork session with jenny, she made sure to touch base with me about how I've been feeling in my body lately. I shared that I've been experiencing heart palpitations due to stress/ anxiety and that I wanted to call radical self love back into my heart. When we settled into breath, she showered me with loving affirmations, inviting me to let go and let the love into my body. She provided gentle soothing touch to my shoulders, hips and legs to encourage relaxation. Through the rhythm of music and sound bath, I became very emotional as I felt the spirit of a close family member come near to me in peaceful loving kindness. It may sound woowoo, but it was very present and unexpected and allowed me to comfortably sink further into breath. I was able to release out into the world the energy that the breath stirred throughout my body, I was brought to tears. I allowed myself to sob and to just simply receive. What Jenny provided for me was a safe warm space to access a realm of love and knowing. The next day when my work week began, I was able to begin my week with a still heart and fresh perspective. I have no doubt that anyone seeking (re)connection to their body, mind, or spirit can do so with the guidance of this dear friend." 

O. Robinson

"Vocal empowerment turns on the healing powers of your own voice, and carries forth from into the world in a way that will unfurl and grow with you. It's a path and a journey towards release of your truth, towards freeing your soul from rusty chains and outlived lives. With courage, sensitivity, and innate wisdom, Jenny will help you find doors to your own healing and hold the space for you to step through and explore what lies beyond. In an age when our voices are often silenced or lost to the whir of consumerism, hypermedia and normopathy, Vocal Empowerment is a gift, a calling together, and invitation to move beyond the anxieties of self-censorship into a place where your truth is honored and you are welcome to be. Who knows what blossoms bloom further down this path... I'm excited to keep walking, and find out..."



"Using her deep understanding of the human experience, Jenny makes me feel safe, comfortable, and understood. She has helped me address deep rooted causes to many of my unhealthy habits, honors my truth, and has guided me to a much healthier and happier place in just a few sessions. She is a joy to work with and has invaluable information to share in a loving and wise way."

Bryan Christian

“After three surgeries (one infected root canal, one benign tumor and a thyroid cancer) all from the mouth and throat the past five years, I had no idea the trauma locked in there. Yes, throat chakra wants to be opened no doubt. 🤪 and ive been doing years of systemic recovery. But the healing is never just immediate. It’s a process. To process. Perhaps it was going under anesthesia and them prying my jaw open for hours. Or the nerve damage. The scar tissue. The uneven bite. Maybe a little bit of everything? Jenny is helping me bit by bit release that fear. The trauma the body may still subconsciously hold. We journey together. She lets me feel safe to feel it all. I feel the release. My chest and voice and heart open. This is more than just massage. It’s layer upon layer over time. Thank you Jenny. See you next week. "

V. Pristavec

"I have received healing bodywork from Jenny on numerous occasions... what I appreciate most about her is the authenticity and shameless space she offers her clients & people. Whatever your story, your wounds, your triggers - you can share them on Jenny’s table because she gets it! No shame, blame or guilt... just witness, listening, therapeutic response and a positive action plan. So good to be understood! ✨"

Adrienne Lee

"This is my 3rd breath ceremony with Jenny and I am blown away. Each time is more powerful. Her ability to innately weave wisdom, music, devoted care while reminding me of my sovereignty is unmatched. I felt levels of joy and ecstasy I never knew possible. Her guidance was exactly what I needed to access greater levels of self empowerment and to release emotions I had been storing for decades. Jenny is wise, competent yet so humbly willing to meet you wherever you’re at in your journey. Breathwork is for everyone and anyone willing to reach new levels of awareness and love within themselves!"

A. Jay

"It turns out that we humans have encoded within ourselves an incredible tool for self-knowledge: the breath! If you've done any meditative work at all you already have at least an inkling of this... But what really blew me away is just how SIMPLE it is to access. With about five minutes of concentrated breathing I attained states I would have expected needing years of mastery to achieve. It's shockingly accessible! And my experience is not exceptional. Every single person in the room speaks of reaching a powerful altered state, time and time again. This is not just for monks and yogis. This is for everyone."

S. M.

©2019 by The Sacred Wholeness.

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