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Jenny Lee

Transformational Coach, Breath Facilitator, Massage Therapist

Truth Doula, Musician, Coyote Woman

My gift to you: The Fear to Freedom Masterclass for FREE

Welcome to The Sacred Wholeness, Specializing in:


as a way to return to your center, and build capacity for truth and personal and planetary responsibility


as a consciousness shifting ritual to awaken life-changing embodied wisdom and self-love


as a culture tending process of remembering our human needs for community, courage and growth


as a practice of giving gratitude and ease to your brilliant human body that deserves care

The Sacred Wholeness, Integrative Coach
Jenny Lee, Breathwork, Massage, Coach

I am here to awaken, protect and nourish the wisdom and truth that already exists within you, but may need a little loving support to remember it's safe here.

I have helped hundreds of people alchemize, mature, and integrate their pain and fear into great power and purpose.

The healing you seek lives in the sincerity of your wholeness.

In this space, I am serving:

  • ​Visionary leaders, space holders, those in positions of influence who seek to reclaim their voice and power

  • Mothers, care-givers, and those in roles of service who need to be held, heard, and brought back to center

  • Wild-hearted women who are ready to root down into emotional and spiritual maturity

  • Those who seek a less serious but more sincere path to awakening, healing, and embodied liberation

This is a place to come home to the real-life version of your awakening.

"Jenny helped me to change problematic patterns that have been with me for 40 years despite a lifetime of therapy. I credit the work with Jenny for taking me from automatically going to dark places after being triggered, to being triggered and then remembering…knowing...that there are other paths available to me. For decades I have wanted to stop taking antidepressant medication, and that goal has now become a reality. Working with Jenny has the potential to change everything. From the depths of my being: Thank you Jenny!"

- Christine F.

" What Jenny provided for me was a safe warm space to access a realm of love and knowing. The next day when my work week began, I was able to begin my week with a still heart and fresh perspective. I have no doubt that anyone seeking (re)connection to their body, mind, or spirit can do so with the guidance of this dear friend." 
Olivia R.

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