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Truth Coaching

Non-Traditional Psycho-somatic counseling and coaching,

focused on your awakening to, and living in, Truth.

This is a space to explore the psychological, physical, and spiritual aspects of your healing and wellness in a real-life grounded context, with someone who understands the complexity and the power of the vast human condition, and has years of experience in helping people make lasting transformation.


As a tracker of energy and an advocate for embodied wisdom, my sessions offer a deep dive into the heart of what is most alive within you. I focus on illuminating what remains unseen and longs to be loved in order to heal and experience wholeness.

My approach is grounded in a deep respect for the sacred shadow and a commitment to integration. With a loving presence, I guide you towards the truth of your experience, where you can re-wire old perspectives and engage a more loving and aware presence that leads to soul liberation and personal healing.

The wisdom lineages that flow through my work are too numerous to name, but my main ethic is one of transparency to what is most present and emergent as the guiding light. Each session is in full integrity with what's most alive in this now moment.

If you are tired of the classical therapist relationship, my work offers a more real-life approach to healing and integration, outside of the box of conventional therapeutic tactics.


You can expect heart-centered attunement, full transparent loving connection, clear and sharp wisdom, real-life skills and practices, and meta-level spiritual awareness woven sweetly with embodied brilliance and earth-honoring intelligence.

I am MOST inspired and equipped to support:

Vocal Empowerment

Self love and eating disorder recovery

Relationship support

Conflict resolution

Personal evolution and empowerment

Finding and using your voice

Healing your relationship with your body

Guidance along the healing journey

Embodiment and physical integration/ wisdom

Sobriety support

Astrological and Gene Keys synthesis


To book your private integral coaching, please email Jenny at

~~These doors are open with loving arms~~

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