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Welcome to the Coyote Council

A group counciling container that invokes Wild harvested wisdom and integral psycho-somatic coaching for the woman who is ready to step into her mature self awareness and powerful personal healing.


This is a sacred space rooted in intimate kinship where you will be held by, and hold, others in devotion to cultivating courageous healing, wholeness and empowered authenticity.

April through September


This is a committed 4 month container for those who identify as women.


You will be held through the emergent edges of your process to "grow up" and "dive deep" into the truth of who you are and what you actually need in order to heal and grow.


The ethics of this council hold 2 truths:


  • that we need to heal and empower ourselves in kinship and accountability with others.


  • that all this “healing work” sure doesn’t need to be so dry and serious all the time!


We use both the mind and body and spirit (council and breathwork) in harmony to come home to our greatest capacity for integrity, maturity, and transformation that can support the honest, liberating, and real-world healing and support.

A coyote in Canada in Winter.jpg

This is for you if:


You are ready to commit to your healing and growth by having consistent accountability.


You crave a mental health support system that's rooted in spiritual and energetic health too.


You seek deeper transformation and intimacy than what you have found in 1:1 talk therapy.


You feel lonely in your healing process and want to connect to others on the path.


You seek a down to earth space where you can share your truth freely and let down your guard.


You've been seeking psycho-spiritual support for a long time and have not found the "right" person.


You have been walking the path and seek to go even deeper with your healing and empowerment.


You need a deeper understanding of what kind of healing is possible for you.


You are moving through a period of growth or change and seek support to let go of who you have been in order to step into who you are becoming.


You seek true liberation from your conditionings and are ready to wake up so you can be free.


The Schedule:

We will have a 2 hour long council call or breathwork ceremony once a week on

Thursday evenings from 6-8pm PST.

We plan to start at the beginning of April, but will begin sooner if the council fills.

Max participants in 15 for the integrity of this connection.

The agreement in this container is that you can attend at least 1 of each call per month to contribute your voice and journey to this shared container.

Your participation is vital to the diverse ecosystem of this emergent field of kinship, healing, and empowered living.


If you are ready to commit to a playful and intimate space to invoke some real life healing and empowerment, join us in Coyote Council, and enjoy a space to be fully you, fully accepted, and full in devotion to healing in a down to earth way.

With radiant love,



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