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Welcome to the Coyote Council


Where Group Council Meets Breathwork

Spring session: one men's council and one women's council

11 weeks // April - Mid June

See schedule below

Jenny Lee, wisdom teacher, spirit guide

11 weeks, ten ways to be seen and held in your truth, and support others in theirs.

What happens when you combine group council with breathwave?


More wisdom, less over-processing.

More connection, less isolation.

More ease, less constriction.

More understanding, less confusion.

More compassion, less judgment.

It's time to stop hiding from yourself and others.

The ethics of this council hold 2 truths:


  • That we need to heal and empower ourselves in kinship and accountability with others.


  • This return to connection with kin starts within how we are connected to ourselves.

  • Secret 3rd thing- that it doesn't have to feel dry- it get's to be fun and messy and very human!

This is a place to honor that:

It's easer to give advice or wisdom than it is to take our own. This is not a mistake or something that needs to be 'healed'. It's actually a brilliant facet of our human capacity and need for relationships to be the fertile ground for connection that leads to all healing and evolution.

And when we blend this tool of community-based connection and permission with the power of presence and embodiment that the breath allows us to remember, we can really begin to walk the talk. It's possible to integrate new stories into our lives when we return to community, and to the body.

"Healing is a group activity..."

What are the ancient technologies we are weaving together here?

The Way of Council:

"Healing” thrives within the fabric of community and is built upon relationships, a truth often forgotten in our modern world that continually fosters isolation and

individuality over our fundamental need for connection.

The Way of Council encourages personal introspection in harmony with shared experience, to foster a shared experience of wisdom cultivation and greater peace as we traverse the complex terrain of our humanity.


The time of the lone wolf is over.

When we return to our community as the foundation and genius of our health and wellbeing, we reclaim our birthright as interdependent human kin.

The Way of Breath:

It‘s not enough to connect and talk with others, if we are not rooted in a robust and intimate connection with ourselves underneath it all.

Conscious Connected Breathwork is the simplest yet most powerful tool we have constantly accessible to us, to bring us straight back into our center of present moment awareness, and embodied self connection.

When we learn how to engage with the world, and honor our deep hunger for connection and wholeness from this deep well of self-relation, we can then begin to actually build the kinds of loving and integrated world that we long for, from the inside out.

How we breathe is how we live.

Remember: our ability to gather in circle and to connect to our breath as pathways to heal the root wound of separation are innate to us.

We remember these ways...

Women's Group, Coyote, Hood River

This is for you if:


You are ready to commit to your healing and growth by having consistent accountability.


You crave a mental health support system that's rooted in spiritual and energetic health too.


You seek deeper transformation and intimacy than what you have found in 1:1 talk therapy.


You feel lonely in your healing process and want to connect to others on the path.


You seek a down to earth space where you can share your truth freely and let down your guard.


You have been walking the path and seek to go even deeper with your healing and empowerment.

You are moving through a period of growth or change and seek honest support and reflection.

You seek greater connection to yourself and others in ways that feel soul nourishing.

Self Love, Community healing

What to expect

in this container:

Permission to be exactly what you are without needing to be fixed, healed, or saved.



- An ability to finally have a community that is on the same soul mission as you, that you nourish and are nourished by.



- Breath ceremonies that weave the wisdom shared in the group into embodied wisdom and self-connection.



- A collaborative, down to earth, real life space where the healing ”work” meets kindred joy and clever confrontation.



- Deep vulnerability to be seen in the depths of your truth, confusion, power, and growth edge.



- A place to let your process and truth be fully met with kindness, kinship and shared insights to get you out of your own way and into a bigger perspective.

Pack Member Testimonial:

"They say that loneliness, isolation and lack of a sense of community connection is one of the biggest issues for people in our society.

We all want a sense of belonging.

In my case I was afraid of showing up in community as my authentic self and risking rejection. I thought my life experience, my shadows and my insecurities were my own.


Coming to Coyote Council, it soon became evident that my feeling of aloneness was totally illusory. The more I shared and the more I listened to the inner worlds of my fellow human, the more I was reminded of our innate oneness and our shared experience in being humans on earth at the same time.


Through this weekly container I gradually began to unwind all my false narratives about being separate. I stopped feeling alone. That oneness radiated out into every part of my life and I started to draw real community into my life, quality community that mirrored the safety and authenticity that I felt in coyote council.


Without exaggeration I say that the experience was life changing. My world looks different than it did prior to joining. I recommend this experience to everyone. Our whole world needs it."

-H. Kelley

Spring Edition Schedule:


-one women’s council

Tuesdays from 6-8

-and one men’s council

Thursdays from 6-8

We begin the first week of April and circle until mid June

The Commitment (this is the real medicine):

$420 paid in full

2 payments of 220

The agreement in this container is that you can attend at least 1 of each call per month to contribute your voice and journey to this shared container.

Your participation is vital to the diverse ecosystem of this emergent field of kinship, healing, and empowered living.

About your guide:


Jenny is a joyful and down-to-earth integrative coach, breathwork facilitator, ceremonial space holder, muse of the mystery who specializes in creating brave spaces for connection, where deep healing and life changing wisdom bloom with ease and trust.


She offers you the permission you've been looking for to be exactly what you are - whole and worthy of the connection your heart most longs for.


As a deeply studied psycho-somatic spiritual guide, she is committed to unveiling all that stands in the way of your ability to return to nourishing and honest connection with life.


Space is held with a playful tenderness and a fierce knowing that honest self awareness and acceptance are the direct path to healing and liberation, for yourself and our relations.


---In devotion to your liberation---

--In honor of your unique being--

-In service to your wholeness-




All dis-ease, whether it be emotional, physical, mental or spiritual, stems from fundamental disconnection from self, other, and life. 

This is a space specifically designed to reconnect you to all that is truly life-giving, in the time of so much that is not.

Come and join us in circle,

where all are equal to the fire.



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