Sacred Offerings 

Belonging sessions serve your wholeness by navigating the multidimensional planes of one’s own embodiment and empowerment with focused attention and intricate inquiry. 


Using a trauma-informed approach, each offering is an opportunity to change the way you relate to your body, your power, your truth, and your beliefs that influence the whole of your choices and actions. 


This work is for you if you feel disconnected from your body, your power, your sense of self sovereignty, or separate from your innate undying self love!

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Ignite your truth and express your wholeness to activate healing and sovereignty grounded in radical self love.



Come home to your deepest connection with your body and breath to heal the pains from stuck energy and trauma.

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Heal the deeper levels of the physical body through an expansive and dynamic massage experience. 

All sessions are held with the utmost respect and care of all walks of life, and all spectrums of humanity. These offerings are for all beings who feel the resonance of this prayer and are ready to meet me with willingness to heal and compassion for the self. 

I carry many trainings, certifications, and initiations that I weave with care and creativity to curate the most potent and honest healing container possible. 


Trainings and Certifications

Licensed Massage Therapist of 12 years

Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach

Primal Vinyasa Teacher

Trained Breathwave Facilitator


Vocal Empowerment Mentor

Eating Disorder Recovery Guide

Lived Student of:

Compassionate Inquiry

Somatic Experiencing

Trauma Informed Rehabilitation 

Spiritual Awakening of the I AM Consciousness