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I'm recording my 2nd album and need your help!

3.5 years is long enough (oh, you didn't know I had an album? Good, it's time for an update anyways;) I am humbly and excitedly asking for your support to record my 2nd solo album and also step fully into my soul's highest expressional career as a full time vocal empowerment mentor!

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My Story

Crowdfunding Invitational Letter: 


It has been a few years, and some major soul changes since my last and only album was recorded and shared into the world. Looking back between then and now, maybe it was never the right time, maybe I was so deeply present in the songs of life that I was not yet ripe enough to transform these feelings into sound. Alas, now the readiness is on the edges of it’s seat just (or the tip of my tongue) waiting for me to hit the record button and lay it all out on the line. 


2 of the biggest changes that have occurred since I last recorded music are this; I no longer want to make happy self love songs. I want to tell the stories of healing and heartbreak that lead to said experience. And two, my non-musical career has taken a beautiful and reclamational shift, similarly focusing on healing and heart instead of just the physical experience (for those of you that dont know, I have been an LMT for 12 years). This is a full soul devotion into the wide umbrella of Vocal Empowerment Coaching as a pathway and tool (well, many many tools) to liberate empowered self expression and embody the deeper truth that leads to living a life in full congruence with personal and Divine will, which is the pathway to healing.  It’s kind of a big deal, and yet there will be more time to talk about this sacred and sound-full work later…. 


For now, the deeper prayer is to birth these songs into the world and embody my truth as the midwife of self expression as a healing of not only the soul, but all that soul touches!! Yes, I know this is a lofty vision, but it’s grounded in folk music and a wisecrack sense of humor, both of which are required to make albums and make lifelong change in the hearts of humans. 


So now that you may be questioning who I have become ;), I need your help. Not only with the current social political economic stress for the artist type, but because this vision, these songs, and this revolution of my personal career is not just for me, it’s for we! This is work that takes a village, and I’ll speak for myself when I say that the community structure is starting to feel more and more distant, disjunct, and separated than ever before, and I will certainly use music and healing as a cause to rally consciousness and collect capital to fund something that literally means the whole world to me. 


We are living in an emergent time of community powered collectively woven futures and systems and beauty… and THIS is what I am here for. Every little but helps, and nothing goes unseen in the realms of hope. 

Support the mission & find out more:

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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