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Dry Clay


Well, what an audacious business name!

But yes, here we get brave, get honest, and get real.

Here, we remember that everything is sincere, but not serious.


To awaken and empower the authentic expression of the awakened heart.

On the ground level:

I am here help you get out of your own way, and decondition all the patterns you carry so you can live in the frequency of Peace.


Activate coherent self awareness as the most powerful for personal and planetary healing.



Vulnerability and bravery, embodied experience over reason and logic, a grounded cosmological understanding of life, integrative competency, love as the animating energy of life, normalizing the full spectrum feeling (grief - bliss), relationality as the missing link to healing, fierce tenderness and sharp compassion, nuance and subtlety, reciprocity and co-creation, intelligent weaving of spirit and science


What is The Sacred Wholeness: 

A non-traditional and soul-affirming culture to empower healing and wholeness. We are psycho-somatic-spiritual (mind body spirit) guides offering integral therapies and teachings that weave science and spirit into a unified understanding of the wisdom of wellness. Collectively, we chart a diverse field map of consciousness for seekers to walk with wonder while they are compassionately supported every step of the way. 


What does The Sacred Wholeness offer: 

Compassionate repatterning of old paradigms (language, belief, cultural imprinting) and the opportunity to step bravely into new perspectives of authentic expression. 


How is it offered:

A sacred container held with unwavering support, experiential empathy, and loving understanding. I am a facilitator, which means to make easy (at least give ease a whole hearted welcome).





Tools used for healing and self understanding:

Language reframing and NLP

Fear alchemy and renegotiation  

Decolonized non-violent communication

Spirit Science (Dr. Carolyn Myss)

IFS - internal family systems - parts work

Existential Kink Theory

Jungian Psychology (Dr. Carl Jung)

Earth based wisdom 

Somatic Experiencing (Luis Mojica)

Eastern Philosophy - movement, meditation, mantra 

Reflective listening and Compassionate Inquiry (Dr. Gabor Mate)

Trauma informed addiction Recovery 

Trauma remediation and relation healing - somatic, regulation, codependency patterns 

Relational repair and Council

Spiritual Surrender and re-Union with the Divine Within

Jenny Lee, Life coach, healing arts, healthy living
Jenny Lee, healing, breathwork, life coach, women's coach
Healing, the sacred wholeness, breathwork
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