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Self healing is for more than you.

There are more beautiful reasons to heal than just feeling better.

You are part of a greater web of life and Mystery, where every tug on the web pulls and affects every morsel of the entire web, and all she holds in her shimmering beauty.

It is not enough to just serve one’s own self glorification sometimes. We need to lean into the reality that deep down, we do want to serve, to be of good use, to positively impact our world and it’s beautiful creations.

Self empowerment is a tricky topic that often leads to dead end roads of bolstering the ego of the self and missing the deeper reasons why it’s merely a vital step along the path of maturity.

Self empowerment is the middle step, and many don’t make it here.

First, our family and tribe and teacher have authority over our lives and imprinting. And in a culture without proper initiations, many get stuck there, re-enacting childish behaviors and continually giving their power away.

The next phase of emotional and ecological maturity would be to cultivate a well fortified sense of inner authority - we can call this self empowerment. This is a vital and challenging step along the path of becoming a well integrated human, and is not a step to be shamed or bypassed, but deeply revered as a soul level inward journey into the novelty of one's own unique life blueprint.

But, the road doesn't stop there, despite its temptations of power and feelings of control. Self reclamation is vital, getting lost in this stage of evolution is toxic and dangerous.

Because you see, the third stage is to then launch from this well rooted and self honoring place, into the greatest calling of our human experience, to be of service to be greater web of life we are inextricably woven with.

Charles Eisenstein names this experience "Interbeing". We must learn how beautiful and fulfilling it to so offer our healthy sense of self and wholeness to all of life, to the Divine that breathes into our world and animates everything.

There is a turning point of surrendering to the Divine will that the personal will can interpret as conflict. This is just the game we have to play. Until, we can feel for ourself that immense healing for more than the self that is possible when we do so.

So this third phase of becoming, in my opinion, is really only possible in full integrity of the second stage is whole-heartedly lived and understood.

This is where I like to work - ushering people into the 2nd phase of life through self empowerment, in a way that fully acknowledges this is not the end of the road, but a fundamental step to being of good use to all of life.

So I seek here to illuminate the importance of each phase of self awareness, so we can reduce the shame and judgement on all those who seek self empowerment. We need you well, in your own unshakable self trust and power, if you are to then bloom into a useful and generative ally for God Consciousness to guide your path, and for your unique gifts and talents to serve the greater Web of Life here on this Eden of Earth.

It's easy to get lost, but what we long for underneath it all, is in fact the whole journey that leads us back into a fully surrendered state that doesn't bypass our own human experience.

So for anyone who feels shame about getting help to heal yourself and step into your power when "the world is burning" you can know that you, caring and loving and maturing yourself, is in fact an immense gift to everyone and everything you are in relationship to.

Thank you for doing the work, for wanting to heal your own heart, and for loving yourself enough to step into your full power and truth.

With love-


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Gorgeous writing Jenny. I've thought a lot about this - how easy it can be for people to get stuck in loops of 'self-help' and an intense focus on the self as the locus of healing without allowing the journey of self-discovery and empowerment to propel them deeper into service to the whole of life. Then again, there are many walking the path of service from a place of self-destruction and martyrdom. It's a fine and fraught path, and I much appreciate your writing and considerations on it. Sending big hugs from Maui 💛

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