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Earth as elder: a poem

..:: Earth as the Elder::..

There is an elder

Beyond space time

Yet formed ragged and wild

By the tides of such agreements.

She shimmers like the stars

And is sweet like fresh grapes on an autumn harvest,

Bursting with life and flavor

Once you sink your teeth in.

She told me,

Through a crooked grin and cracked lips,

That there’s no rush,

And no way to get it wrong.

She spoke in song, saying “No matter what you do, you’ll end up here.

And, no matter who you love, you’ll always be love.”

She spoke with a certainty

That moved mountains in my bones,

And rattled death a little closer to the table.

She spoke the truth

I already knew in my heart

and I bowed my head

Low enough to kiss the dry earth of her altar.

I lingered here in this form,

Humility upon the humus.

This is all there is….

Standing again, changed in some way,

I turned from her sapphire gaze,

And I too, smiled softly,

An uncanny mirror of time stood between us.

I wondered what beauty will bloom from here, to her?

A river of breath entered my body,

the same way a wild wind rips through desert low lands,

And from that moment, I knew.

All paths lead to the one life I am here to live.

There are no wrong turns,

Only footsteps that others may follow,

That offer a new map for uncharted roads.

There is a destiny within me that cannot be unlived,

And I do not have to anguish over the shape it takes.

How my body softens her hardened holding

When I allow this One Way

To show her face

As the Guiding Grace

That needs only a willing heart.

It’s here, thus it is true.

All roads lead to beauty,

And all roads lead to You.


The road was longer than expected, more tired than I had planned for, and yet I was found again and again in the erotic and wise ever unfolding landscape of the elder earth who speaks only words of comfort and trust.

Thank you, panchamama for your profound simplicity within intricate complexity. I too, feel like that.

The road ahead is paved with stones of unimaginable trust, walked by a body who knows the value of the sunrise.

What’s ahead is only love.


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