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Vocal Empowerment:
Truth Training

Vocal Empowerment is a psycho-spiritual coaching space where you are guided to embody and embrace your deepest truths and fearlessly live/express them as an act of radical healing for yourself, and all your relations.

Your voice is your sovereignty and the world needs you truth now more than ever.

Vocal Empowerment sessions awaken and rekindle your most coherent self (the YOU that allows your body, your thoughts and your actions to be in full alignment) by unlocking your truth and unpattering the negative beliefs that are keeping you from feeling fully liberated and healed by your soul's authentic expression!

These sessions are a deep dive into self worth,

soul level expectations,

childhood and adult trauma healing,

relationship repair with self and other,

truth activation and response-ability,

and tending to the sacred fires of choice that lives within the throat chakra.

Your voice is not only how we share our wholeness with the world, but it's your way to unify our inner truths and knowings with how we move and share yourself in the outer world. 

Voice =

The sacred union of personal and Divine will becoming power of choice

Empowerment =

Not letting fear make choices for you

Who this work is for

This is for anyone who feels like they get tongue tied when sharing something deep and important.

For anyone who has a hard time speaking their truth or goes silent when they are actually screaming inside. 

This is for the people who have been silenced time after time and are ready to release the blocked and bound wildness of who they really are.

This is for anyone who is in a pattern of letting the outside world determine their sense of worth or belonging. 

This is for all bodies who have tried for too long to fit in to the social standards and have realized how much pain and discomfort that causes on many levels of being. 

Honestly, this work is for all of us. Almost everyone I talk with has a fear of telling the truth, expressing their emotions that actually mean a damn thing, get tongue tied when it really matters, or end up feeling shame around not being able to speak up for themself. 



This is a 4 part Coaching Series:

Session 1: Voice Liberation - Release

Moving from fear to freedom

Session 2: Truth Activation - Remember 

Embodying your Truth

Session 3: Soul Sovereignty - Reclaim 

The Divinity of your Voice

Session 4: Integral Weaving - Relate

Frequency in the World

What it looks like:

Each session is held with deep care and listening as we both co-create a brave and healing container for your own deep wisdom to be remembered. I am acting as a guide to be a clear mirror, a loving friend, a fierce wisdom teacher, and a  joyful presence along the winding journey back into making contact  with your deepest truths and standing strong in why that is a life changing place to fully root down and grow from.

Each session open with a presence-ing prayer practice, and is intuitively guided bases on your needs, desires, and tensions of the now moment that are most alive.


You are encouraged to:

-Learn how to re-pattern your language

-Dissolve and renegotiate your agreements to fear

-Commit to your Truth as a way to heal trauma

-Re-pattern negative beliefs

-Attune yourself to the higher frequency of your soul

-Learn the skill of Parts work and Inner Dialogue

-Practice and implement Non-Violent Communication

-Decolonize your thinking mental functions

-Return to your body as the Sacred  Vessel of Truth

-Activate Coherence (harmony of body mind soul) as a self healing tool

What if your embodied expression was your own medicine?

Through and within and underneath all of these sessions is a prayer, and we will tend that with deep care, reverence, curiosity, and devotion.

Genuine, complete healing requires honesty with oneself.

I implement psycho-spiritual training and trauma informed coaching to carefully and effectively guide you on the journey of a lifetime back to the innocence of who you are and how Divine you have always been. 



What people are saying

"Vocal empowerment turns on the healing powers of your own voice, and carries forth from the workshop into the world in a way that will unfurl and grow with you. It's a path and a journey towards release of your truth, towards freeing your soul from rusty chains and outlived lives. With courage, sensitivity, and innate wisdom, Jenny will help you find doors to your own healing and hold the space for you to step through and explore what lies beyond. In an age when our voices are often silenced or lost to the whir of consumerism, hypermedia and normopathy, Vocal Empowerment is a gift, a calling together, and invitation to move beyond the anxieties of self-censorship into a place where your truth is honored and you are welcome to be. Who knows what blossoms bloom further down this path . . . I'm excited to keep walking, and find out..." - Claire W.

"I felt that I had so many epiphanies it's hard to synopsis, but few were that I likely define things like love and validation differently than those I'm in relationship with simply because I'm human, and also that the path forward for me, is being in deeper relationship with myself, getting to know what I need." - Jan H

"Vocal Empowerment has been a gateway for so much softness in my journey as I was shown how to sit and allow clear knowledge of my fears to reveal themselves and how to work to let go of the subconscious dictation they’ve played in my life. My favorite part of this container was that one of the main intentions of this space was to be alongside one another, and that we all had full permission to come forward and share more often than I ever would have thought. Being able to stand by one another in that way created immense support and practice to be in our light. It created a beautiful circle of kindred spirits. I also love that this course is split into 5 weeks, the number five aligning with our fifth chakra, Vishuddha, the center of our voice/truth. The prompts were very thought provoking, and challenged me to come into myself without overwhelming me. The time I spent here with Jenny and the rest of our gang has fueled me with honesty, courage, and readiness to listen to how it feels to be in my body when I am experiencing triggers, vulnerability, and allowing myself to take actions towards transmutation."

​"Vocal Empowerment was beautifully structured and exquisitely healing. The need for a safe, intimate and brave container was undeniably met with the souls who entered this field and the one who created it. Jenny held the space in such a potent way that allowed for so much expansion and so much beauty to flow through not only from her but from the group as well. I feel so inspired by this course and so much energy is flowing through to allow the unfurling of myself in a much more compassionate, excited and wholesome way."

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