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Vocal Empowerment:
Truth, Trust, and Transformation

Greetings friend, and welcome to this  sacred space where your soul's deepest truths are embraced, embodied and fearlessly expressed. A space where your voice becomes your instrument of truth and choice, shaping the world around you.

Here, you are fully supported to unlock the power within you to break the chains of self-silencing and reclaim your authentic, honest expression. Your voice, a gift of sovereignty, holds the key to your healing and the healing of all you impact.

Your voice is more than singing and speaking, it's the golden key to your power, and your truth that shapes the way the world is experienced by you.

Let this work be your journey of self-discovery, a path to reclaiming your truth, regaining trust in yourself, and repairing your relationship with authenticity.

With Vocal Empowerment, you'll embrace your fullest expression, returning to your power and activating the sacred fires of choice within your throat chakra.


Vocal Empowerment coaching is a key to unlocking your most coherent self, the version of you that is fully aligned in body, thoughts, and actions. By unlocking your truth and un-patterning negative beliefs, you'll feel liberated and healed by your soul's authentic expression.

But it's not just about you. By repairing your relationship with your own body, truth, voice, and power, you'll learn how to honor, protect, and value these qualities in others as well. This work is rooted in coming back into right relationship with yourself, which is the first step to learning and living in right relationship with others.

Don't let fear and self-doubt keep you from living your best life. Life is too short not to experience the transformational power of unlocking your inner truth and using your voice to shape your world, trust your heart, and live the life that's meant for you.

Voice =

Your embodied instrument of truth and choice

Empowerment =

Not letting fear make choices for you

Vocal Empowerment=

reclaiming your power of choice to heal your relationship to self, to other, and to the web of mystery that weaves us all.

Are you tired of feeling held back by fear and self-doubt when it comes to expressing your truth? Imagine being able to confidently and fearlessly speak up in any situation, whether it's sharing something intimate, communicating conflict, or expressing your deepest desires and needs while staying rooted in your center, and compassionately connected to others.

With Vocal Empowerment, you'll learn how to repair your relationship with your authenticity, regain trust in yourself, and break the habit of self-silencing. 

By walking this path and learning new skills, you'll experience profound positive changes in your life. You'll be able to:

  • Build more meaningful and fulfilling relationships with others, based on honesty and authenticity.

  • Overcome the fear of judgment and rejection, allowing you to take up space without apology and embrace your fullest expression.

  • Regain a sense of control over your life, feeling more empowered to make choices that align with your truth and desires.

  • Experience a deeper sense of self-worth and self-love, allowing you to let go of negative beliefs and patterns that have been holding you back.

  • Feel more confident and at ease in social situations, without the fear of saying the wrong thing or being misunderstood.

Let Vocal Empowerment guide you on a journey of profound transformation and liberation, and experience the real life, down to earth, infinitely applicable positive changes that come with embodying your truth.


Behold this four-part coaching series:

Session 1: Voice Liberation - Release

Banishing fear to embrace freedom

Session 2: Truth Activation - Remember 

Embodiment of your truth

Session 3: Soul Sovereignty - Reclaim 

Reconnecting with the divinity of your voice

Session 4: Integral Weaving - Relate

Frequency in the World


What's in store for you:

Each session will forge a sacred space where you'll unravel your inner wisdom and muster the courage to stand up for your truth. I shall serve as your guide - a clear mirror, a loving friend, a fierce wisdom teacher, and a joyful presence - as you rediscover the power of your voice.

We shall commence every session with a presence-ing prayer practice and intuitively personalize our approach to your distinct needs, desires, and tensions of the moment.


You'll be encouraged to:

-Reframe your language to reflect your deepest truths

-Negotiate with fear and create new agreements

-Embrace your truth as a way to heal from trauma

-Reform negative beliefs that hold you back

-Attune to the higher frequency of your soul

-Acquire skills for Inner Dialogue and Parts work

-Implement Non-Violent Communication for healthier relationships

-Rethink mental functions to decolonize your thinking

-Return to your body as a sacred vessel of truth

-Activate coherence to radically self-heal ​

-Visualize the potential if your very own voice could transform and heal your life.

With each session, we shall attend to the prayer of your heart with utmost care, reverence, curiosity, and devotion.

Genuine healing requires one's honesty with oneself, and that's exactly what you'll find here. Through psycho-spiritual training and trauma-informed coaching, you shall be affectionately led on a transformational journey back to the wise, powerful, divine being that you were always meant to be, and have always been.

The 4 part coaching series is $333

And so, Vocal Empowerment is a journey towards reclaiming the agency to heal not just our relationship with ourselves, but with the other and with the great tapestry of life that connects us all. It is a journey towards unlocking the power of choice, a power that has long been dormant within us, waiting for the right moment to be awakened. Through Vocal Empowerment, we embark on a journey of self-discovery, of unraveling the tangled knots that bind us to our past and reclaiming the threads of our own story. It is a journey of courage, of facing the shadows that lurk within us, and embracing them as part of who we are. And in this journey, we learn to harness the power of our voice, to speak our truth with clarity and conviction, and to weave our own unique thread into the great tapestry of life.


What people are saying

"Vocal empowerment turns on the healing powers of your own voice, and carries forth from the workshop into the world in a way that will unfurl and grow with you. It's a path and a journey towards release of your truth, towards freeing your soul from rusty chains and outlived lives. With courage, sensitivity, and innate wisdom, Jenny will help you find doors to your own healing and hold the space for you to step through and explore what lies beyond. In an age when our voices are often silenced or lost to the whir of consumerism, hypermedia and normopathy, Vocal Empowerment is a gift, a calling together, and invitation to move beyond the anxieties of self-censorship into a place where your truth is honored and you are welcome to be. Who knows what blossoms bloom further down this path . . . I'm excited to keep walking, and find out..." - Claire W.

"I felt that I had so many epiphanies it's hard to synopsis, but few were that I likely define things like love and validation differently than those I'm in relationship with simply because I'm human, and also that the path forward for me, is being in deeper relationship with myself, getting to know what I need." - Jan H

"Vocal Empowerment has been a gateway for so much softness in my journey as I was shown how to sit and allow clear knowledge of my fears to reveal themselves and how to work to let go of the subconscious dictation they’ve played in my life. My favorite part of this container was that one of the main intentions of this space was to be alongside one another, and that we all had full permission to come forward and share more often than I ever would have thought. Being able to stand by one another in that way created immense support and practice to be in our light. It created a beautiful circle of kindred spirits. I also love that this course is split into 5 weeks, the number five aligning with our fifth chakra, Vishuddha, the center of our voice/truth. The prompts were very thought provoking, and challenged me to come into myself without overwhelming me. The time I spent here with Jenny and the rest of our gang has fueled me with honesty, courage, and readiness to listen to how it feels to be in my body when I am experiencing triggers, vulnerability, and allowing myself to take actions towards transmutation."

​"Vocal Empowerment was beautifully structured and exquisitely healing. The need for a safe, intimate and brave container was undeniably met with the souls who entered this field and the one who created it. Jenny held the space in such a potent way that allowed for so much expansion and so much beauty to flow through not only from her but from the group as well. I feel so inspired by this course and so much energy is flowing through to allow the unfurling of myself in a much more compassionate, excited and wholesome way."

I get it.
I used to horrifically stage fright (I'm talking puking before the high school talent show and making everyone close their eyes when I sang). I also used to be a habitual liar, a middle school thief, and a good old fashion hooligan who was terrified to be seen for who I really am (a powerful and radiant being!), take up space in my relationships, and I was sure as hell afraid that no matter what, I wasn't going to be loved, understood, or accepted.

But I knew that my authentic expression, my voice, my truth, and my willingness to be exactly what I am was my pathway to living the most beautiful and meaningful life that I could have ever imagined, and here I am.

Let me show you what I have learned in 15 years in the music industry, 8 years in deep study of how the soul and mind meet in the throat, and offer you some life changing perspectives to bring ease and joy into the process of coming back into your power, and being seen there.

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