Vocal Empowerment 

Liberate your truth and find power in your voice.

Vocal Empowerment is a vulnerable and creative exploration of your truth, which sits nicely in your throat chakra. It's the bridge between your heart and your mind and often times can feel either constricted or overactive. This program will take you through various practices to open and expand your relationship with your voice, and your truth. We will dive into breathwork, speaking and singing skills, grief and praise rituals, truth telling drills, embodiment explorations,  primal sound healing, and utilize poetry and words to liberate your true nature. This is for all walks of life and is a profound skill to develop that can be implemented across the terrain of your entire life. I have seen how this work opens people up to the power that's waiting to be released, and it's beautiful. 


I have years of professional musicianship under my belt, as well as a rather specific skill for throat chakra clearing. I offer here my heart, my bravery, and my courage to pull you out of a place of not being seen or heard and into your full power of expression and truth.  



Deep tissue massage to release stuck energy and 

relax the mind, body, spirit,

Intuitive Massage is a deep, focused, and healing technique based on the principle of free and uninterrupted energy flow that helps activate the natural healing processes in your body, as well as to restore physical and emotional well-being. Using intuitive techniques, deep breathing and awareness, we can access deeper parts of the body and mind together to reduce stress, pain, and promote healing. I offer skilled therapeutic bodywork, along with trigger point and recovery based massage to fit each clients individual needs, and deliver meaningful and personalized therapeutic bodywork. This work is incredibly sacred to me and the safe space of hands on healing will always be the meditative and  most magical way to communicate with the body.

I have been a bodyworker for ten years and can say that I am constantly amazed at the beauty and dynamism that the human body really is, and the power of hands on touch as a tool for transformation. 



Personalized nutrition support focusing on the underlying caused of our habits and choices..

Empowered Eating is a support system to deeply understand what is needed to make healthy and empowering choices with food and how you treat your body. We focus on what influences your habits and beliefs just as much as we focus on what those actually are. I support you with healing your relationship to food by befriending the body and cultivating a loving and attentive relationship to your intuitive nature. You will get to co-create a personalized wellness plan that will illuminate the root causes of dis-ease dis-order in your life so you can move into a state of liberation and wholeness. 

As a survivor of a 10 year eating disorder, this is my life's dharma work. To share my story and wisdom and knowledge in a way that goes deeper that what you eat, but why. We live in a world that is not set up for success when it comes to eating habits and I am here to offer loving support and an understanding heart. 



Fundamental movement, intelligent breath,

inquiry based sensory awareness.


Primal Vinyasa is a way of moving our bodies that is rooted in inquiry, in connection to this divine earth, and to intelligent movement that bridges science and spirit. Our bodies hold the keys to our stories, our traumas, and our truths. When we can move with awareness, we can unlock and free ourself from habitual and harmful patterns that leave us in chronic pain and dissociation. Using fundamental movements learned from childhood and reprograming our sensing bodies, we can rebuild connection to our core ability to move with ease, and rewire our brains to be able to move in ways that feel free, strong, and connected.


 Primal Vinyasa changed everything for me, it became a way of moving throughout my whole life, not just on the mat. My chronic neck pain is mostly remediated and I move with more breath and body awareness than ever before which has lead to less pain and more freedom. 


My offerings to you:

Integrative Health and Nutrition Counseling

Primal Vinyasa Therapy

Empowered Eating  Coaching

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

Eating Disorder Recovery Mentorship

Mindful Cooking Lessons

Family Wellness Planning

Guided Meditations

Drum Journeys 

I am available for:

Public Speaking Engagements


1 - 1 Mentorship

Event Catering

Private Events

Group Coaching

Cooking Classes

Pantry Makeovers

Grocery Store Tours

Ceremony Facilitation