Connect with your wholeness,

empower your freedom,

embody your being.

Embodiment Coaching is a unique way to empower and bring awareness and back into your own body. You will learn how to recognize and listen to the messages of your body, and nourish the deeper needs within you that are begging to be acknowledged.  When the body feels safe and seen, healing can take place. I implement compassionate inquiry, somatic releasing, reflective listening, accountability coaching, and visualization to get lasting results that lead you down a path of feeling forever at  home in your own wholeness. 




Release traumas,

relax the mind, body, spirit,

dive into your senses.

Intuitive Massage is a deep, focused, and healing technique based on the principle of free and uninterrupted energy flow that helps activate the natural healing processes in your body, as well as to restore physical and emotional well-being. Using intuitive techniques, deep breathing and awareness, we can access deeper parts of the body and mind together to reduce stress, pain, and promote healing. I offer skilled therapeutic bodywork, along with trigger point and recovery based massage to fit each clients individual needs, and deliver meaningful and personalized therapeutic bodywork. 




Personalized nutrition,

bio-individual support,

honoring the body's needs.

With Integrative Nutrition Counseling, patients are deeply supported, understood, and inspired to make the positive changes they know are right for their own life. Here we get to move into the body and heal from the inside out. I’m trained in bio-individuality and honor each persons specific needs, health concerns, belief systems, and desired outcome. You will get to co-create a personalized wellness plan that will illuminate the root causes of dis-ease dis-order in your life. Clients gain invaluable empowerment and awareness with their relationship to food and their bodies.




Fundamental movement, intelligent breath,

inquiry based sensory awareness.


Primal Vinyasa is a way of moving our bodies that is rooted in inquiry, in connection to earth, and to movement that bridges science and spirit. Our bodies hold the keys to our stories, our traumas, and our truth. When we can move with awareness, we can unlock and free ourself from habitual and harmful patterns that leave us in chronic pain and dissociation. Using fundamental movements learned from childhood and reprograming our sensing bodies, we an rebuild connection to our core ability to move with east, and rewire our brains to lead thew way. 



My offerings to you:

Integrative Health and Nutrition Counseling

Primal Vinyasa Therapy

Emotional Embodiment Coaching

Intuitive Deep Tissue Massage

Eating Disorder Recovery Mentorship

Mindful Cooking Lessons

Family Wellness Planning

Guided Meditations

Drum Journeys 

I am available for:

Public Speaking Engagements


1 - 1 Mentorship

Event Catering

Private Events

Group Coaching

Cooking Classes

Pantry Makeovers

Grocery Store Tours