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With more than 15 years of study and practice in embodiment, psycho-spiritual counsel, body and breathwork, somatic and transpersonal healing realms, and her own personal healing miracles, Jenny weaves a wide and strong tapestry to awaken the most vital truths, and support you along the journey of participating in your own healing revolution. 

Here are the 3 levels of healing to meet you where you are, each with the clear prayer of self healing and heart centered connection.

Wether bodywork, breath-work, or coaching, you still receive the same loving presence to be fully held and honored just as you are, and from there, we can make positive change.



Empower your voice and live your truth by invoking mature and honest self awareness through a psycho-somatic coaching experience

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Precise, patient, and intuitive massage therapy for those who know that tending to the wellness of the body temple is holy path.



A powerfully gentle breath ceremony to awaken you to your inner wisdom, cultivate deep presence, and enliven your bio-chemical genius.



This is the trifecta of all my healing arts services, where we spend 3 hours together and combine coaching, bodywork, and breathwork to give you a full deep dive reset.

For those seeking compassionate and clever 1:1 counseling, I am joyfully available for this by request :)


Click below to see my specialties and intentions with therapeutic mentorship/ counseling. 

I also hold group coaching containers, host retreats and gatherings, breathwave circles, and online courses.

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All sessions are held with the utmost respect and care of all walks of life, and all spectrums of the human experience. I am here to lead as much as I am to listen.

My own heritage is German, Scottish, Souther Slavic, and Jewish, and I honor the teaching of my own ancestors. as well as the  many others who have gifted me profound wisdom to weave into my life, and teachings.


These offerings are for all beings who feel the resonance of this prayer and are ready to meet me with willingness to heal, hold compassion for the self and are ready to take full responsibility for one's own life and all that it includes.

I carry many trainings, certifications, and initiations that I weave with care and creativity to curate the most potent and honest healing container possible. 

Trainings and Certifications:

 Licensed Massage Therapist of 12 years

Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach

Primal Vinyasa Teacher

Trained Breathwave Facilitator

Somatic Trauma Informed Space Holder

Decolonized Non-Violent Communication

Ceremonialist and Rites of Passage Guide


I have also studied the work of Dr. Gabor Mate, Stephen Jenkinson, Carolyn Myss, Joe Dispenza, and many wisdom teachers on integral psychology, as well as have been intimately guided by my elders in the Native American Church, and the many Wise Ones who hold the Grace of humility and harmony.

I currently offer in person work in Hood River, Oregon.

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