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Therapeutic Bodywork

Therapeutic Bodywork is a grounding massage sessions to relieve the body of aches and pains, and dive deeper into the somatic experiences in the body that are in relationship to your emotions, your spirit, and your mental state. 

I use breath to guide you into deeper states of relaxation while confident and skilled touch unlocks tension holding patterns within the fascia to relieve your physical body from the stress, trauma, and judgement that can build up over time and live within your tissue's memory.

These sessions are rooted in 10 years of deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and intuitive bio-feedback to deliver healing, honoring, and effective bodywork that heals more than the physical. 

Integral Wellness Coaching

Integral means necessary to make whole, and that is exactly how I approach health and wellness coaching. It's farrrrr beyond food and weight and symptom, yet these are portals into larger conversations about what, and how you are influenced and patterned to make choices for yourself in relationship to health and wholeness. 


Integral Wellness is a support system to deeply understand what is needed to make healthy and empowering choices with food, movement, and all things how you treat and feel about your body! 


We focus on what influences your habits and beliefs just as much as we focus on what those actually are. I support you with healing your relationship to food by befriending the body and cultivating a loving and attentive relationship to your intuitive nature. You will get to co-create a personalized wellness plan that will illuminate the root causes of dis-ease and dis-order in your life so you can move into a state of liberation and vitality in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body. This is a somatic approach to the mundane workings of life that texture your vitality on all levels. 


This offering weaves together integrative nutrition, holistic counseling, psycho-spiritual guidance, and functional movement. Through this sacred container we address influences around shame, guilt, judgement, and fear that are negatively affecting your health and happiness. 


​As a survivor of a 10 year eating disorder, I deeply understand the challenges to have a body, and to repattern our frequencies to shift into a loving and honoring relationship with it! We live in a world that is not set up for success when it comes to eating habits and I am here to offer loving support and an understanding heart. 


Vocal Empowerment

Vocal Empowerment is a vulnerable and creative exploration of your truth, which sits in your throat chakra, your power center of choice and expression. It's the bridge between your heart and your mind, and often times can feel either constricted or overactive. This energy center is one of the most commonly abandoned in our world for many reasons, and we are at a turning point of personal power and creativity that is begging us to awaken and embody a more intimate and brave relationship with our truth, our choice, and our relationship with how we share that with the All. 


This program will take you through various practices to open and expand your relationship with your voice, choice, and your truth. We will dive into expanding breathwork, confident speaking and singing skills, honoring grief and praise rituals, truth telling drills, honest embodiment explorations,  primal sound healing, and utilize poetry,  words, and song to liberate your true nature and free the body-mind from feeling small, constricted, shameful, or fearful of being it's whole Divine self!


This is for all walks of life and is a profound skill to develop that can be implemented across the terrain of your entire life. I have seen how this work opens people up to the power that's waiting to be released, and it's absolutely incredible. This is life changing work for singers looking to develop more freedom and confidence, humans who seek to learn conversational and emotional skills to navigate challenging waters in relationship, and for those who feel that chronic tightness around breath and chest in relationship to "tongue bitting" and feel misunderstood in the world. This is a practice of empowering the YOU that you already know, and recommitting to loving yourself beyond the fear and worry. 


I have many years of professional musicianship under my belt, as well as a rather specific skill for throat chakra clearing. I offer here my heart, my bravery, and my courage to pull you out of a place of not being seen or heard and into your full power of expression and truth.  I am a humble and playful friend on the journey back into your own power. 

Primal Vinyasa 

Primal Vinyasa is an intelligent movement practice to repattern your body, brain, and breath in ways that support you on and off the mat. 

The foundation of this practice is rooted in earth honoring and elemental wisdom, along with empowered body inquiry and diverse movement to awaken all of your inner and outer senses, strengthen beyond the habitual muscle groups, and open the inquisitive and non-judgmental centers of your mind and focus awareness from a place of compassion. 

This practice is rooted in movement science, sports medicine, and tradisional yoga philosophy and combined creates a fun, playful, potent, and dynamic practice that literally changes the way your body moves throughout your whole life!

There are 5 foundational categories that unify this wisdom with earth based primal energy:




Sensory Peocessing

Ground Reaction Forces

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