Vocal Empowerment

This is the answer to a prayer you haven't prayed yet...

Vocal Empowerment sessions awaken and rekindle your most expressive and authentic self by unlocking your truth and unpattering all the negative beliefs that are keeping you from feeling fully loved and liberated by your soul's TRUTH!


We need each and every human to be fully grounded in their truth and fully balanced in their personal power so that we can rise up as a collective of connected and centered humans, so we can support the healing of the deep wounds of our disempowering society.

These sessions are a deep dive into self worth, soul level expectations, childhood and adult trauma healing, relationship healing with self and other, truth excavation and responsibility, and tending to the sacred fires of choice and will that live within the throat chakra. Our voice is not only how we share our wholeness with the world, but it's our own self we must learn to honor and listen to above all.  

Who this work is for:

Your mom. Just kidding, but probably

Honestly, this work is for all of us. Almost everyone I talk with has a fear of telling the truth, expressing their emotions that actually mean a damn thing, get tongue tied when it really matters, or end up feeling shame around not being able to speak up for themself. 



This is for anyone who feels like they get tongue tied when sharing something deep and important.

For anyone who has a hard time speaking their truth or goes silent when they are actually screaming inside. 

This is for the people who have been silenced time after time and are ready to release the blocked and bound wildness of who they really are.

This is for anyone who is in a pattern of letting the outside world determine their sense of worth or belonging. 

This is for all bodies who have tried for too long to fit in to the social standards and have realized how much pain and discomfort that causes on many levels of being. 




These Sessions are a 4 part series:

Session 1: Voice Liberation - Release

Session 2: Truth Activation - Remember 

Session 3: Soul Sovereignty - Reclaim 

Session 4: Salve - Restore Relationship

What it looks like:

What if your own expression was your own medicine?

Through and within and underneath all of these sessions is a prayer, that your soul chose that lead you to this work, and we will tend that with deep care, reverence, curiosity, and devotion.

Together we will move through the portals of liberation and release, to make space in your heart and body for the deeper work of letting your body become an instrument for wholeness. There are many tools to use in this opening and clearing, but they are all rooted in the breath, in compassionate inquiry, and in deep emotional release of what's been unspoken.

Then we will orient this opened and clarified container towards remembering that your TRUTH is always alive and at home within you. You will be guided to dive even deeper into the somatic and spiritual planes of your own experience that house the sacred truths that are being called to the surface of your awareness and expression at this time - and this is the point where you become your own beacon of knowing and your own medicine for your heart. This is the most potent phase of remembering your innate and integral wholeness, to know that it's always been with you, and to heal that relationship pattern at the core. 

Once your soul truth is illuminated and your vessel is clear of blockages, we explore more technical and playful forms of expression and sounding truth that are aimed at setting your soul fully free, and reclaiming your personal and transpersonal power in the world!

The ceremonial endcap of this 4 session journey is a deep dive back into the heart, to integrate the wisdoms and truths now welcomed into the light of your consciousness and focus on the relational patterns with self and other that need to be re-tooled in order for you to continue to walk in full truth and embodied wholeness. Most of us have damaged or wounded relationships to our self and truths (for various reason) and as we learn to love and listen to ourself, these relationship patterns begin to upgrade, and ripple out from the center of our soul and touch everything our heart touches. This is the greater collective healing of this work, to set the world free through our own self love and self care!

Your voice is your sovereignty and the world needs you truth now more than ever. 


Come join the revolution that starts from within :)

I implement psycho-spiritual training and trauma informed coaching to carefully and effectively guide you on the journey of a lifetime back to the innocence of who you are and how divine you have always been.