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BreathWave Journey

Integral Conscious Connected Breathing

Breath: Spirit, Life Force Energy, An unbroken chain of Awareness 

How you breathe is how you live.

How is your breath in this now moment?

This is a practice of:

Present Moment Awareness - Embodiment

Becoming your own medicine - Empowerment

Surrendering control - Trusting Life

Allowing the truth to arise - Coming Home to Yourself


As we travel down the road of life, we are being constantly "impacted" by life -

(traumas, pain, fears, intensity, confusions, lostness, expansion, love, joy)

...all of which affect your breath pattern.

So, by coming home to a regulated and connected breathing pattern, you are literally rewiring the tension holding pattern your body developed to deal with the experiences of life.

The BREATH is the literal and embodied bridge between your conscious and unconscious mind, thus is the perfect tool to rewire those sticky unconscious patterns and begin to invoke the state of being you desire.


Breathwave is:

a gentle, ceremonial practice of Conscious Connected Breathing.

A way to balance our lives by cultivating inner intelligence, relaxing our nervous system and awakening our potential. 

It's a practice of letting go of control, instead of invoking it. 

There are A LOT of breathwork practices that use control as a way to get a certain outcome, or reach a certain goal. In Breathwave, we practice deep self regulation (relation) by letting go of control and coming home to a way of breathing that is fully free, fully open, and fully surrendered. 

This is union with the Source of life, Breath, Spirit.

This opens the pathways to deep states of healing, relaxation, awakening, realization, and even catharsis and spiritual experience, but not through force, through love.

The technique is very natural and easy to remember.


Laying down comfortably we allow the respiratory system to naturally open and relax without pausing, controlling or forcing the breath. This cyclical breath pattern is direct access to receive the fresh nourishment of source energy and organize the electrical communication between the heart, the brain and the rest of the body.


Gradually areas of your breath that have been shut down begin to open as vital oxygen and prana (life force energy) begin to restore the body/mind back to harmony, and wholeness!.

Who is this work for




This self healing work is for:

- Those who want to experience radical healing and consciousness shifting experiences without plant medicine or external drugs.

- Anyone that has ever struggled to heal chronic pain or understand the underlying root causes of disease, illness, or un-wellness. 

- Anyone who has a challenging time connecting to their higher self, feels like they are blocked from guidance and wisdom from within. 

- Any persons who experiences depression or anxiety from feeling unworthy of love, or feels separate from the Divine source of life that is love itself.


- Any being who feels like they embody inherited epigenetic trauma from their parents or ancestral lines that feels like they cannot break the cycles.

- Anyone who experiences self hatred or self judgmental thoughts and needs support to end this violent psychological dampening of vital life force energy. 

- Anyone who is ready to release the socialized norms disempowerment and fully step into their fullness as creator of their own reality and healing! 

And Honestly - all of us... as most of us are breathing at concerningly low capacities, limiting the power of our lives which then creates dis-ease in the mind and the body.


What healing is possible

Physical Healing

The diaphragm which is 70% of the respiratory system will contract and relax naturally on its own without the use of any other muscles, this in turn activates and cleanses the glandular system, balancing our hormones and upgrading our genes.A balanced breath strengthens the immune system, cleanses the lymphatic system, improves circulation, purifies the blood bringing rich vital oxygen to each cell in the body, balances the nervous system and the endocrine system, pumping all life giving, feel good hormones to everywhere we need it.

Emotional Healing

Most of the toxicity and imbalance in the body is a result of old self-limiting thoughts, stored memories and ideas about life that we learned from our ancestral lineage, society and life experience. Connected Breathing accesses the neural network of the memory of our recorded emotional experience and can effectively clear subconscious patterns. 

Mental Healing

As we continue to connect the in and out breath in this way, the flow of prana literally raises the vibrational frequency of our whole electromagnetic field potentially clearing low vibrational thought patterns and the memory of emotional trauma from the subconscious mind. This experience opens higher states of awareness activating full brain potential.

Energetic Healing

The human body is bio electric. The inhale of the breath is our ability to receive and recharge, like opening a water faucet to the source energy that governs all life, inviting vitality, intelligence and nutrients into every cell in the body. The exhale is not only our ability to relax and let go, the out breath is an essential discharge of accumulative stress, cleansing our electromagnetic field and removing the toxins from the body. Consistent breathing practice incredibly enhances our ability to maintain at a higher frequency and keep our energy field shimmering. This gives us better sleep, regeneration and more energy to give our gifts.


The Law of Entrainment


All vibrational healing is based on the scientific law of entrainment;


The Universal Law of Entrainment simply states that when two energies come together which are vibrating at different rates, the lower frequency will permanently increase its rate of vibration to match or closely resemble the higher frequency.

Illness is a manifestation of disharmony within the body, an energetic imbalance within any given organ such as the heart or lungs. By cultivating the prana flow of breath, harmony is restored to a normal vibratory frequency through ‘Entrainment’.

Just as the basis of sound healing or the resonant science of homeopathy, this breathing gently transforms blocked patterns of energy into higher vibrations of joy and vitality on all levels. When we integrate the thought patterns that separates us from our true selves we have a clear open vehicle for the Universe(One Song) to express itself through us.

Openly breathing, feeling and participating in life allows this journey to be rich with meaning and purpose. The future of medicine is vibrational; in fact all healing takes place first as a vibrational shift and then we experience the results on the physical level.

As we raise our vibrational intelligence it is very common to receive clear messages and guidance while consciously breathing. This is the result of activating the frontal brain which is our intuitive, receptive nature and a heightened state of awareness.

What the Session Looks like

Exploring the Transpersonal domain we breathe for 45 mins to 1 hour through 3 phases - Activation, Integration and Relaxation. When we open into an awareness beyond self we become unity consciousness and this is when miracles happen.

We will co-create a space of light and hold the highest vision for your increased capacity to feel, to heal, and to be more of what you already are. You will be laying on your back as I offer some hands on facilitation and affirmations to speak directly to the subconscious bodymind to promote activation of healing and releasing of tension and the ego's grip on unwellness. 


The Prayer 

With just 15 – 20 minutes a day of allowing your breath to open and circulate freely cleanses and vitalizes the body with enough life force intelligence to neurologically and chemically reverse the physical effects of aging.


Create a life of daily miracles and higher expression. It is free.

Simply allow your self to fully receive your breath into a relaxed belly, breathe in and out through an open mouth and let the exhale relax and fall like an ocean wave. Connect the breath in this way from your root to the top of your heart without holding or pausing the rhythm… just simply receiving and relaxing… eventually the whole respiratory system will open and relax naturally… be with the sensations in the body and let ideas and thoughts come and go. Very quickly we become the Universe.

Each time we breathe in this way weather for a few mins or a full session of an hour or more, the experience is different, energy goes where it needs to and different layers of recycled memory is cleared. Gradually the whole body can re-organize as you cultivate more energy, presence, insight and balanced health.

“YOU are your own greatest healer and teacher”

What people are saying....

"Experiencing how grounding into my body with intentional breath, into the present moment, giving up all awareness of anything else but my physical sensations and my relationship with my breathing… dissolved my fear and constriction and cleared the way for the wisdom I was seeking spiritually/creatively to present itself to me in simple clarity that cut right through the clutter and overwhelm. Feels like the experience created an altar or touchpoint I can always return to, remembering what came through- one drop at a time, or like you said, “I can only sing one song at a time.” Remembering that every drop I create reflects the infinite ocean it came from, and if I’m doing that, just faithfully continuing to perceive and create, one drop at a time, what flows through me fills me with joy and satisfaction. And even if I’m not creating, I love seeing all that I see - infinite beauty - and knowing I am a part of that simply by exist, just me and my breath and God. Beautiful."

- Sarah S.

"To know what it feels like to experience vulnerability. I think that may have easily been the most vulnerable I’ve ever allowed myself to be. Or maybe a better way to say it is that I experienced a place where the idea of vulnerability does not even exist, it just is. Of the many forms of therapy I’ve personally explored, this felt the most impactful in a wholistic way. Because it is integrative, and it’s real- it involves unveiling what is behind the curtain, and what has always been there. I know trauma doesn’t heal in a day, but this one experience showed me what I am capable of existing in." -C. M.

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