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I am an integral coach and healing artist


I have gone against the grain when they say "Jenny, just do one thing". But I cannot, I am a multifaceted human who will find a way to bring you back to love however you need to be met.

 But all rivers do flow back to the one mission here: to awaken your embodied state of wellness and authentic living by bringing you back home again and again into your Authentic Embodied Truth as a holy and healing place.

This is possible for all who honestly seek wholeness.

(Click on each offering to be taken to that page)

I do this 1:1 through:

Therapeutic Massage

Ceremonial Breathwork

Truth & Voice Coaching

Ceremonial Embodiment

I also hold group courses, containers, and events for community based healing:

Truth Training: 8 week online Vocal Empowerment Course 

Coyote Council Group: Coaching and Breathwork Mentorship 

The Temple of Belonging: Annual Women's Gathering

(Sept 14th - 17th)

All of these offerings are different ways to hold the same prayer, that the medicine is YOU being fully rooted in a mature, compassionate, and empowering state of self awareness that creates real-life transformational healing and integratabtle personal liberation.

This work is deep, honest, and also joyful, as you open your body, your heart, your breath, your mind, and your spirit to the Beauty of being You - incarnated, and awakening to the Gift that you were born to be, here and now, as is.

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