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Welcome to

The Self Love Breath Retreat

This is a place to let go of the illusions of separation, and awaken the embodied experience of Love. Here, we will open up fully to the wisdom of your own sacred heart, release the old stories that have kept you in the dark, and dance in the sacred union that is already within you.

The breath is the guide here, your willingness is the way.


Why Breath?

The breath is the neuro-chemical fountain head that dictates how we perceive life.

How you breath is how you live, and most of us are breathing at 20-30% capacity, and also holding our breath often throughout the day. This equates to energetically holding ourselves distant from the very thing we want the most, deep communion with vital life force energy (the breath). 

Also, it's common in a lot of breath practices to control the inhale or exhale, but once again, how you breathe is how you live. So Breathwave is a style of breathing that focuses on the true surrender of control as an act of revelatory self healing, and embodied empowerment. 


When we surrender control, we surrender our suffering. And if we want to be free, we have to learn how to feel safe in letting go and letting in. The breath is the master teacher of true innate wisdom and experiential oneness with Life.

Self Love

We are in a crisis of self love in our culture, and there is no way of thinking our way back into the heart. We have to quiet the mind and open the heart and allow ourselves to begin to listen to that which is ready to be awakened within each of us. 

There is a deeply imbedded confusion in our minds that we are separate from love, that we must find it, enjoy it, hold on it, and even fear it. The scarcity of love is patterned into our world, and it's time we remember the abundant nature of what love truly is.

The antidote to the fear of love is to surrender to the realization that you are what you fear. Love is what you really are. This is the greatest awakening of our times, and when we allow this Truth to become a lived knowing, worlds change. 

Self love is about the discovery of the mind's tendency to transpose past adaptive strategies onto the present. 

"The task is not to seek for love, but to seek and find all the barriers within us that exists agains it" - Rumi


This is for you if:

-You feel restricted in your breathing or ability to feel vital in your life and body

-You need support loving yourself

-You feel lost in the maze of "self help" and are ready for a deeper experience with real transformation

-You're ready to connect to your higher self

-You've tried other modalities but nothing seems to work

-You dont feel connected to your body or heart

-You seek guidance on the spiritual path 

-You have spent years in self-sabotage patterns are looking for the right way out 

-You are ready to commune with the experience of Spirit in Body

-You have a hard time getting out of your own way

-You seek a life changing experience without any substances


Check out the venue:
Trout Creek Wilderness Lodge

Nature Meets Your Needs
Nestled in nature, these structures are entirely of the forest. From felling of the trees, milling into lumber, joining beams and columns to rafters and roof, finish carpentry and the warmth of the hearth, these shelters are all hand-made with close listening to the needs of nature, and your nature. The Communal Lodge is mainly constructed from Douglas Fir that reached upwards of 275 feet and five feet in diameter not a stones through from where the structure stands now. The Cedar for the hot tub and sauna structure came from two trees along the creek that serves as the cold plunge option to the sweltering sauna space at the confluence of the creek and the river. The Ceramic Art Studio features burnt doug fir wood siding as it camoflauges into a pristine curve of the creek. The Sleeper Cabins were all built by hand on-site, down small trails that lead to the most pristine privacy possible. This is your natural architecture for your renewed equilibrium.

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